Can we recommend a Hobart restaurant? We often get asked by visiting friends, family and readers of Think Tasmania to help them make a choice. This can be fraught with disaster as dining is such a personal experience. With that qualification in mind, here’s one suggestion.

Hobart Restaurant: Mezethes Greek Taverna, Tasmania

Mezethes Greek Taverna: Hobart Restaurant

Hobart Restaurant: Mezethes Greek Taverna

On a cool Monday night, we ventured into Salamanca on the Hobart waterfront for dinner. The trees were sparkling with fairy lights and there was parking available at the front door. The Greek Gods must have been smiling on us!

Hobart Restaurant: Mezethes Greek Taverna, Salamanca Tasmania

Hobart Restaurant: Greek Mezethes Taverna

It was a little after 7:30pm and the room was almost filled with diners. Not all restaurants in Tasmania open for business every day, and Monday tends to be quiet for some.

Hobart Restaurant: Thumbs Up

The staff at this Hobart restaurant were very pleasant and knowledgeable. Our choice was made difficult with a number of tempting options on the menu, but what we did choose turned out to be perfect. Grilled octopus and lamb skewers with potatoes were the highlight. For my next visit, I’d like to try the dips and definitely a dessert. There were lots of creations with filo pastry, nuts and honey on offer.

Great Greek Food and Hobart Ambiance

Decorated in the traditional Greek blue and white, the dining room had small lights strung overhead from silver wires; and a cheerful atmosphere. And as part of the Salamanca Arts precinct, there was additional seating outside the charming building for anyone mad enough to brave the elements.

Hobart Restaurant: Mezethes Greek Taverna

Hobart restaurant: Salamanca Square, Tasmania

Several diners entered after us which didn’t pose a problem to anyone. I’d recommend making a booking, because this Hobart restaurant appeared to be a popular one. With delicious food and a great location, it seems like a safe option to suggest. Let’s hope you agree!

Mezethes Greek Taverna is accessed from Salamanca Place via Woobys Lane in Hobart.


Map: Mezethes Greek Taverna, Hobart Tasmania

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