So… last night there was a total lunar eclipse. The scientists reckoned we’d see a blood red moon from its rise at 5.33pm (in Hobart) until 7.33pm, when the eclipse would be all done. With the cloud-cover (or maybe we just weren’t looking in the right direction at the right time!) we didn’t see too much of interest. Besides, we don’t have a big zoom lens on our camera anyway. So we settled for a few shots of a magnificent Hobart sunset.

Hobart Sunset - Autumn

Did the lunar eclipse influence Hobart’s sunset

All Eyes on the Hobart Sunset

We posted one photo of said Hobart sunset on Facebook last night, and it proved pretty popular. We’re always mindful that many of our readers are not even remotely interested in social media. That’s why we decided to share more of the images here too, just to be fair.

One reader, who also happens to be a business owner in Tasmania, told us recently he hates Facebook and doesn’t use social media at all. “Absolutely can’t stand it”, he said. “I know I should, but I just have no interest”. He’s not an orphan there; sometimes even we can appreciate that sentiment despite using (and usually loving) various social media platforms every day.

Hobart Sunset - Clarence

River Derwent: Clarence Foreshore track

Hobart Sunset - Mount Wellington

Sun sets over Mount Wellington: Hobart, Tasmania

Social Media. How Bizarre!

For a person in business to turn their back on the promotional opportunities offered by social media may seem quite a bizarre concept, to some. I guess that’s why our clients like us to manage their social media for them, so they don’t have to face it. We take the burden away from them completely. They can relax, knowing we’ll post appropriate, consistent, timely and visually pleasing content into the newsfeed of potential customers on their behalf.

Hobart Sunset - Tasmania

Tasmania: stunning sunsets

But hey… we’re all about freedom of choice and we accept all opinions. We know some readers don’t own a business and don’t need or want social media. So even if it does take a bit more time and effort, we’ll continue sharing the best bits right here on our website, including photos of last night’s Hobart sunset. Please enjoy.

Hobart Sunset - Colours

Colours of the Hobart sunset: Derwent River

Amateur Photographers: That’s True!

We’re not claiming to be professional photographers, by any stretch. We just stood on the edge of the Derwent River for five minutes and snapped away with a mobile phone, and a camera firmly entrenched on auto-pilot. To get some really good sunset shots, we might need to enlist the help of our friends from Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania.

Roy and Coreena Vieth would have their work cut out for them, training the two of us in the art of photography, but that’s what they do! They also share some of their own great photos on their Facebook page, and we did notice a few shots of the lunar eclipse. Check them out… if you DO like social media, that is!

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