Lonely Planet listed Hobart as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2013. As you might know, I am quite new to Hobart (and Tasmania as a whole) having moved here from South Africa in February this year. I had the pleasure of showing my first visitors around (my parents). I was so proud to show them all that Tasmania has to offer, but especially Hobart and surrounds. I could not resist sharing this with all the readers of Think Tasmania. The places I chose for this article all provide unique and interesting views of Hobart.

Hobart Surrounds - Mount Wellington Views

Views: Mt Wellington over Hobart (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Hobart Surrounds: Views from Mt Wellington

by Anelda Lötter

Mt Wellington was a good starting point, as this beautiful mountain, towering 1,271 metres over the city, is a Hobart icon. The top of the Mount Wellington is often snow-covered, and offers spectacular views over the Hobart surrounds. One can easily reach the summit by car or via bike or foot if you’re brave enough!

Hobart Surrounds - Mt Wellington Tower

Mt Wellington (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Local Salamanca Market Views

When you visit Hobart you cannot leave without a visit to the Saturday Salamanca Market. This market is as local as it gets, with wonderful food and fresh produce, showcasing all the beautiful handmade items one can find in Tasmania. The atmosphere is very lively and friendly, with musicians making a cheerful noise around every corner. It is in the heart of Salamanca, walking distance from the Hobart waterfront and all the beautiful parks in the city. One can taste beautiful fudge, wine, buy fresh veggies and flowers and admire the handmade wood crafted items, to list only a few. Come early, spend the morning, have something for breakfast and leave with a bag full of Tassie gifts and memories.

Hobart Surrounds - Salamanca Market Views

Salamanca Market: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Forest Views: Tahune AirWalk

The Tahune AirWalk is a must for all visitors to Hobart surrounds. One can buy tickets for the Adventure Forest attraction at the Forest and Heritage Centre in Geeveston. (Hobart to Geeveston – 61km; Geeveston to Tahune – 28km). Locals, who have filled out a friends of the forest card, will be able to enter for half price on their first visit, and for free the next time they visit with paying friends. The Tahune AirWalk offers magnificent views over the forest and gigantic trees. You will be walking amongst the giants of the forest reserve, having no shortage of fresh forest air.

Hobart Surrounds - Tahune AirWalk

Tahune AirWalk (photo by Anelda Lötter)

There are two hanging bridges which allow you to cross the Picton and Huon rivers. The scenery is just beautiful and sure to help you relax and clear your thoughts if you need a break from the city.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful forest ramble or are up for a more challenging hike, one of Tahune’s trails is sure to fit the bill. The path to the AirWalk is uphill and includes around 90 steps.

Hobart Surrounds - Swinging Bridges

Swinging bridge: Tahune (photo supplied)

Taroona Shot Tower, Channel Highway

Have you climbed the 214 steps of the Taroona Shot Tower? If not, do yourself the favour, and enjoy the beautiful views this 1870 tower has to offer. The Shot Tower is located beside Channel Highway in Taroona and is about 11km from Hobart. It is one of Tasmania’s most historical industrial buildings and has National Trust classification.

Hobart Surrounds - Taroona Shot Tower

Taroona Shot Tower (photo by Anelda Lötter)

The Tower is 58 metres tall, with steps inside the tower to climb. There are 318 steps (214 from the entrance of the gift shop) but there are great views of the River Derwent from the top.

Do not miss out on all the beautiful views this city and Hobart surrounds can offer. Especially since it is the only Australian city listed under the top 10 places to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet.

Anelda Lötter has her own photography business: Anelda Lötter Photography. She moved from her native South Africa to make her home in Hobart. Once a lawyer, Anelda is passionate about capturing special memories for people and promises good, friendly service. Follow Anelda Lötter Photography on Facebook or phone 0459 192 091 to find out more about her business.

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Map: Hobart Surrounds, Tasmania

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