Sometimes we travel far and wide for research. Other times we barely leave our own backyard. Such was the case when we explored this Hobart waterfall.

Hobart Waterfall - O'Grady's Falls, Tasmania

O’Grady’s Falls: waterfall in Hobart

O’Grady’s Falls: Visit a Hobart Waterfall

We like to mix things up here at Think Tasmania. Some days we’ll drive for hours into the countryside and further afield to statewide towns and regions. However, we do have readers who visit Tassie and stay in Hobart for a brief weekend-getaway. That’s all good. We can also share stories specifically suited to a whirlwind holiday, because we’re so flexible!

Hobart Waterfall - Bracken Lane

Park the car, Pinnacle Road: Bracken Lane Fire Trail

A visit to this Hobart waterfall could be combined with many other local adventures, all crammed into an action-packed itinerary. Don’t mind us… we are just dawdlers. We don’t tend to rush our experiences. We take photos, absorbing the first-hand view of the surroundings as much as possible. But then we live here. We are afforded the luxury of time in Tasmania, when others may not be so lucky.

Hobart Waterfall - Organ Pipes

Views to Organ Pipes: highlight of the walk

Let’s just say you could rush this one if you wanted to. A return walk to this Hobart waterfall from Bracken Lane/Pinnacle Road, the ascent to the Mount Wellington summit, could probably be done and dusted in under an hour. It’s hard to specify a time-frame, knowing of the photographic opportunities. The views to the Organ Pipes for example, are magnificent.

Hobart Waterfall - Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington renamed “kunanyi / Mount Wellington”

Mountain Hike For Everyone

If you’re apprehensive about the level of difficulty, thinking we’re talking about a “mountain hike” here, don’t be too concerned. This little trek is okay if you have just a moderate level of fitness. The return walk to O’Grady’s Falls is about 2.5kms; the track is solid, traversing open bushland. The journey is well-marked and graded easy, covering only the lower slopes of Mount Wellington.

Hobart Waterfall - Wellington Park

Easy walk: lower slopes, Mount Wellington

This is also a walk for all seasons. We struck quite a mild winter’s day and sunlight filtered through patches of dense forest. We were surprised to emerge into startling sunshine over substantial, flat clearings. We plan to return to this Hobart waterfall in summer when the promised wildflowers are on show.

The water cascades from O’Grady’s Falls to feed the Hobart Rivulet further down the mountain. A wooden bridge crosses the creek, surrounded by ferns and mossy rocks. It’s a lovely secluded place for reflection… if you have the time for that!

Hobart Waterfall - O'Grady's Falls

Quiet spot in Tasmania: O’Grady’s Falls

Hobart Waterfall - Rivulet

Wooden bridge over rivulet from O’Grady’s Falls

Wellington Park: Walk The Dog

The track to O’Grady’s Falls is a designated dog-walking area, but dogs must be kept on a lead so they don’t disturb the local wildlife or flora. Several other paths intersect the walk to the waterfall, so follow the signs to stay on the right track. We detoured ever-so slightly to capture photos of the Tasman Bridge… dawdlers we are!  Besides hiking, Wellington Park also provides options for mountain biking if that’s more your thing.

Hobart Waterfall - Walking Track

Follow the signs: O’Grady’s Falls, Wellington Park

Hobart Waterfall - Tasman Bridge

O’Grady’s Walk: view to Tasman Bridge

As part of the Tasmanian Government’s Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy Mount Wellington has been renamed “kunanyi / Mount Wellington”. This policy acknowledges that natural features and places in Tasmania were named by Aborigines long before the arrival of Europeans ~ Wellington Park website.

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Map: O’Grady’s Falls, Hobart Tasmania…

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