Hobart is a beautiful place to visit for an Australian holiday, and a magical place to live. As with any fabulous city, the highlights are many. What to include, and more importantly, what to leave out to prevent writing a novel here, that is the question. So I’ve cheated. Here are some of my personal images, showing off the natural assets of Hobart.

Hobart from Mount Wellington: Tasmania

Mount Wellington views: Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania: City and Nature

The city is framed by the ranges of Mount Wellington, a stunning backdrop and popular tourist attraction. The Derwent River is at the heart of the city, providing magnificent views from every angle. And with the compact nature of Tasmania there is access to national parks directly from Hobart, with equally impressive features.

Tasmania: Hobart Waterfront and Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis: restocks in Hobart for Antarctica

Hobart: Waterfront, Port and Docks

With its deep harbour and southern location, Hobart is home to Antarctic activities for both Australia and France. Working in harmony with visiting cruise ships during the summer season, and frequently host to anti-whaling vessels, the busy seaport gives the small city an interesting focal point.

Hobart Tasmania: rainbow and boats on the waterfront

Winter rainbow: Hobart Docks

Tasmania: Ever Changing Seasons

The weather in Hobart has something for everyone. Without scaling the heights of summer as common on mainland Australia, the temperate climate produces a range of pleasant weather. During summer, long hours of sunlight encourage outdoor adventure, while Mount Wellington is postcard perfect with snow-capped peaks during winter.

Hobart Tasmania: Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market: Saturday in Hobart

Hobart: History and Heritage

As Australia’s second oldest city (established as part of the penal colony in 1803) Hobart has some magnificent stories to tell. Sandstone buildings once used as factories along the Hobart wharf, now feature in the city’s tourism and provide a unique setting for modern-day markets like Salamanca.

Hobart Tasmania: Red Decker bus tour

Red Decker tour bus: Hobart Tasmania

Compact Travel

Hobart is small in size, but that’s a good thing! With everything convenient and easy to access, schedules can be filled rather than the fuel tank. Even without a schedule, armed with a map of the city and a sense of discovery, the pedestrian can enjoy the sights with a minimal commute.

Hobart Tasmania: sailing at Bellerive

Sailing: Bellerive, Hobart’s eastern shore

Water Views and Water Sport

Tasmania’s capital makes the most of the river and beaches laid at the front door. From nippers at the beach to international sailors in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, everyone has the chance to participate in something. And if you don’t want to join in, spectators have the best vantage point and can enjoy a seafood feast from one of the many waterfront eateries.

Sydney to Hobart sailing yachts

Sydney to Hobart sailing yachts

Hobart plus Optional Extras

By land or sea, you can visit wildlife at Bruny Island or the convict settlement at Port Arthur. And all from the one base within a comfortable day of travel.


Map: Hobart Tasmania

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