Couples looking for holiday accommodation in Tasmania have practically unlimited choices. If you have children with you, the choice is narrowed. If you have more than two children… you’re way out of luck!

So for all the holiday-makers in that category, here’s one for you.

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania - Devonport Holiday House

Holiday accommodation Tasmania: Devonport holiday house

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania

Glasgow Lodge Motel

We actually tried to book a room near the tennis courts in Devonport at the Glasgow Lodge Motel. No luck with that plan, but the very helpful managers were able to find us a holiday house from their private rental accommodation properties. They have places that cater for up to 15 people. Now no-one has that many kids; but for a group on holidays in Tasmania, accommodation like that would be gold.

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania - Glasgow Lodge Motel

Glasgow Lodge Motel holiday accommodation, Devonport

Our little home away from home was at 42 MacFie Street. Nothing fancy, but for $170-00 a night for a family of four, we had everything we needed. A full kitchen, living room, laundry, tidy bathroom and two bedrooms. Both bedrooms had a queen size bed, with one having an extra single bed as well.

Devonport Holiday House

The location was fabulous. From the front window, we could see the Spirit of Tasmania docked in the Mersey River. With a resonating hoot each night, the passenger ferry would turn around and head off into Bass Strait towards Melbourne.

The departing Spirit was about the only noise to be heard though; the rest of the street was very quiet.

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania - Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania from Devonport holiday house

The RSL club was 100 metres away, but that didn’t create the slightest disturbance. Might even be handy if you don’t want to cook in your own holiday accommodation. Tasmanian tourism information was available from the adjacent street at the Visitor Information Centre near the Antique Emporium. The Devonport Mall was a 5-minute walk away, and even the Australian Weaving Mills Factory Outlet was within walking distance. Or at least it seemed close enough on the way there. On the way home (with bags of towels) it seemed a little further!

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania - Devonport RSL Club

Devonport RSL Club: holiday accommodation nearby

Princess Mary Cottage

There was at least one other Devonport holiday house in the same street. Couldn’t help but notice the Princess Mary Cottage practically next door, especially as the excitement surrounding the birth of the royal twins was in full swing at the time. Not sure what the connection the historic Princess Mary Cottage may have to its namesake, but it did look very cute.

Holiday Accommodation Tasmania - Princess Mary Cottage

Princess Mary Cottage: holiday accommodation Tasmania

So if you’re arriving on the Spirit and looking for holiday accommodation in Tasmania, maybe start by calling the friendly staff at the Glasgow Lodge Motel. We found our unit clean, comfortable and quiet with enough space for a family. There’s even a patch of lawn and a private clothes line. And if you don’t want to be too overwhelmed by price, a Devonport holiday house is definitely worth considering.

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Devonport Map: Family Holiday Accommodation Tasmania

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