We’re planning another Tamar Valley trip, and deciding just how many wineries we can actually visit. There’s so many to choose from, but Holm Oak Vineyards is right up there!

Holm Oak Vineyards - Tasmania

Wine tasting: Tamar Valley, Tasmania

Tamar Valley Wine Route: Holm Oak Vineyards

We like Moores Hill Estate too; that’s no secret. Moores Hill Estate would be neck and neck with Holm Oak Vineyards on our scale of favourite wine-tastings experienced so far.

Holm Oak Vineyards - Rowella

Rowella Tasmania: Holm Oak Vineyards

The scenery at Holm Oak Vineyards was stunning. Right from entrance lined with English trees, we felt like we’d discovered something truly special. It seemed like a hidden treasure! We’ve since heard it’s one of Tasmania’s favourite wineries, so perhaps we’ve just joined the party a bit late.

Holm Oak Vineyards - Vines

Vines: Holm Oak Vineyards, Tasmania

Low Head via Batman Bridge to Rowella

In the morning, we left our Tamar Valley accommodation and drove to Low Head, then returned via Batman Bridge to Rowella. The whole region boasted amazing landscapes, but the wineries took our appreciation to a whole new level.

Holm Oak Vineyards - Cellar Door

Holm Oak Vineyards: cellar door

Holm Oak Vineyards cellar door was not unlike The Fishers at Devil’s Corner. Both appeared a bit rustic… but we thought inviting also. The display of heritage tennis racquets combined with wine barrels was a nice touch inside.

We were tasting a selection of Holm Oak wines, and simultaneously the cellar door was hosting a large, happy group on the balcony. There were several groups outside enjoying meaty delights from Bird n Herd BBQ food truck too.

One small child was thoroughly impressed with the resident pig! We chose the 2018 Pig & d’Pooch Moscato as one of our takeaways thanks to his enthusiasm. That’s how you select wine, yes?

Holm Oak Vineyards - Wine Tasting

Wine: taste a glass, purchase a bottle

The cellar door for Holm Oak Vineyards is located at 11 West Bay Road, Rowella (practically next door to Lavender House Perfumery). Phone (03) 6394 7577 for details or follow Holm Oak Vineyards on Facebook.

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