Home Hill Winery is a well-established icon of the Huon Valley tourism trail in southern Tasmania. Locals love the place too. It’s surprising then, that we made our very first visit this autumn. We are silly sausages for taking so long! There’s probably not much more we can add to the chorus of avid fans. So we’ll show you a few photos we took at Home Hill Winery, and you can go along yourselves to enjoy as we did.

Home Hill Winery - Ranelagh Tasmania

Home Hill Winery: Ranelagh Tasmania

Autumn in Tasmania: Home Hill Winery

We struck a picture-perfect day to visit Home Hill Winery. The sun was shining down and the outstanding autumn colours were shining right back.

Home Hill Winery - Restaurant

Superb restaurant: Home Hill Winery

The gardener has done an exemplary job of choosing plants. The black grass made the golden vine leaves pop right out from their green background. Wedding photographers booked to attend this venue must feel pretty blessed.

Home Hill Winery - Wedding Venue

Wedding venue: Huon Valley Tasmania

We were NOT the only happy snappers strolling through the vines. We had to tread carefully to avoid photo-bombing tourists in every direction.

Home Hill Winery - Tasmanian Vines

Home Hill Winery Tasmania: autumn vines

Lunch in the Huon Valley

The Huon Valley is one of the big trio of day-trips from Hobart, along with the Derwent Valley and Coal River Valley. It took us barely 45 minutes to travel from Bellerive to Ranelagh, door to door.

Home Hill Winery - Platter and Wine

Shared platter: Home Hill wines

We enjoyed Home Hill wines with an outstanding antipasto platter to start with. Gavin then had the slow cooked lamb shoulder, served with Cygnet mushrooms, parsnip and a pine nut “picada”. We weren’t sure what the picada was going to be. It was a good surprise though.

Home Hill Winery - Lamb

Lamb for lunch: Huon Valley Tasmania

I chose the chicken. I’m not an adventurous eater by any stretch, so I was happy to see familiar foods on the menu. The roasted chicken breast was extremely succulent and tasty, and came with pearl barley and broth. I had to share the autumn vegetables with Gavin, who loves his char-grilled Brussels sprouts.

Home Hill Winery - Chicken

Succulent roast chicken, broth and autumn vegetables

Tasmania: Cool Climate Wines

Some might pitch the cool climate Tasmanian wines as a highlight of any visit to Home Hill Winery. Me? I was overwhelmed by dessert. I regularly choose a chocolate finish; but now I’m converted to lemon. The meringue concoction with yuzu jelly and shortbread came with lime ice cream. I’ve never tasted anything better. When we stayed at the Somerset, we went hunting for lime gelato at Van Diemen’s Land Creamery, but had to settle for lemon sorbet (which was also good).

Home Hill Winery - Lemon Meringue

Highlight: lemon meringue dessert

We had a prime window position inside the restaurant on this occasion. Next time we return, we’ll choose the outdoors to mix up the dining encounters. It couldn’t possibly be better than our first foray to Home Hill Winery. But we’re always open to new experiences!

Home Hill Winery - Wine Tasting

Stunning outdoor area: Home Hill Winery

You’ll find Home Hill Winery at 38 Nairn Street on the outskirts of Ranelagh, a small township near the Huon Valley business hub of Huonville. Phone (03) 6264 1200 for details or follow Home Hill Winery on Facebook.

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