If you’re on the road travelling from Deloraine to Mole Creek… take some time to stop in the town of Chudleigh and visit The Honey Farm. This is an interesting shop full of honey products with everything from the obvious (being honey!) to skin care.

Honey Farm - Chudleigh Tasmania

Honey Farm: Chudleigh Tasmania (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

The Honey Farm: Buzz on Over!

by Michelle Kneipp Pegler

The Honey Farm is owned and run by the Beerepoot family: Hank, Lida, Remmo and Fanny, who migrated to Australia from the Netherlands in the 1980s. The Honey Farm shop and museum attracts many visitors during the year. Some already know about the shop, and some stumble upon it while driving through the region.

I think all would agree with me though, in saying it’s a great little shop jam packed with so much to see and buy. If you are looking for a gift or a memento to take home from Tassie you’ll be spoiled for choice here. There are many different varieties of honey for sale and you can try before you buy with tastings in store. Also for sale is Manuka Honey which is popular due to its healing and health benefits.

Honey Farm - Attractive Gifts For Sale

The Honey Farm: attractive display (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Honey Products for Sale

Other honey products available at the Honey Farm include…

  • condiments
  • honey skin care products (lip balms, hand creams, foot creams, face creams)
  • hair care
  • baby care
  • men’s products
  • health care products including bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis
Honey Farm - Skin Care Products

Honey products from Tasmania (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

There are beeswax candles and lots of giftware with mugs, spoons, children’s toys, tea towels, aprons, books… the list goes on. My favourite, The Honey Farm Nougat, is currently available in eight flavours. I’ve been slowly munching my way through all eight flavours, and if I’m ever going past I call in to grab another one.

Honey Farm - More Honey Products

Honey products: The Honey Farm (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Beauty and the Bees

There’s an interesting display of old-style beekeeping equipment and tools as well as an interactive bee hive. On the outside behind a large glass window are a couple of working bee hives. There are also information displays featured in the shop showing all you need to know about bees including life cycles and how they make honey etc.

Honey Farm - Bee-keeping Equipment

Old-style beekeeping equipment (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

All in all it’s a fun, informative and colourful place to visit. So next time you are heading to Mole Creek for the caves, or taking a different route to Cradle Mountain or Sheffield, call into the little town of Chudleigh. Like a lot of Tasmanian country towns, it has a bit of history to it. Don’t just bypass these small towns, stop and take a walk around and discover what’s there. Just like The Honey Farm, you never know what you might find.

Honey Farm - Information

Honey products and more (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Michelle writes a blog called Leven River Farm as well as articles like this from the cradle coast region of Tasmania. If you’d like Michelle to visit you, please contact Think Tasmania.

Map: The Honey Farm, Chudleigh Tasmania…

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