We’re on leave from Think Tasmania at the moment, but here’s a little something we prepared earlier to share with you. Say hello to Horseshoe Inn!

Horseshoe Inn - Cambridge

Horseshoe Inn: seafood chowder

Cambridge Hotel Dining: Horseshoe Inn

There’s not much information online about Horseshoe Inn. And the country hotel is certainly not salubrious from the outside. Even first impressions of the interior might be cause for concern to the casual diner off the street. Somehow though, there’s a Secret Squirrel Society of pub-grub devotees who know about the place. And luckily, I’m on the good side of one such insider, and she suggested we meet in Cambridge. Let’s call it a business lunch?

Horseshoe Inn - Tasmanian Hotel

Horseshoe Inn: arancini

For a weekday lunch-time, Horseshoe Inn was buzzing. From the counter where meals and drinks were ordered, we peered into the kitchen to see many, many busy chefs. For the sake of expediency we ordered mains and desserts simultaneously. That was probably a mistake, because even the small plates were very generously portioned. I chose the roast pumpkin arancini with lemon aioli and balsamic; my dining companion had seafood chowder. Both meals were judged totally delicious.

Horseshoe Inn - Cambridge Hotel

Hotel dining: Cambridge Tasmania

Dining in Cambridge Tasmania

Chocolate cheesecake brownie with salted caramel sauce, hazelnut praline and ice-cream tasted just as decadent as it sounds. But who could resist so many dessert favourites, all on the one plate? Not me, that’s for sure! The service matched the fabulous food and I will look forward to more visits in the future. I’d probably request a booth next time, and would definitely book ahead. Let us know if you’re a fan of Horseshoe Inn too.

Horseshoe Inn - Cambridge Tasmania

Horseshoe Inn: chocolate brownie

You’ll find Horseshoe Inn at 860 Cambridge Road, Cambridge… about halfway between Mornington Inn and Coal Valley Vineyard. Phone (03) 6248 5010 for details or follow Horseshoe Inn on Facebook.

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