If you follow any of our social media channels, you’ve probably already seen some of our photos from the Huon Show. We keep plucking them out to share, and finding new pictures we like. That’s amazing really, considering we snapped all the images with just a mobile phone. Anyway, we thought we’d also publish a gallery here too, showcasing our visit, for those readers who prefer to follow Think Tasmania’s website only.

Huon Show - Roses

Roses: Huon Show

Huon Show: Ranelagh via Huonville

As you can see from our photos, the Huon Show was blessed with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see. The event was held on Saturday 16 November at the Ranelagh Showgrounds, five minutes from central Huonville, about a 30-minute drive south of the Tasmanian capital of Hobart.

The Agricultural Society organisers had been hoping to attract a crowd of 11,000 people to the 67th show, traditionally the biggest in country Tasmania. Without knowing official numbers, I’d be confident the attendance figures went way beyond expectations. The car-parks were full to overflowing, and patrons were ferried to-and-from the entrance by bus.

Huon Show - Ranelagh

Huge crowd: Ranelagh, Huon Valley

On arrival, we bought our lunch from the Girl Guides, happy to spend our money with a local community group. $12 secured a selection of cold meats and salad, with a bread roll on the side, followed by fruit salad and a cuppa. We preferred the sit-down choice over the multitude of take-away vendors selling everything from hot dogs to fairy floss to ice slushies.

Huon Valley On Show

After lunch, we made our way around the oval, checking out the various displays, competitions, exhibits and attractions. The dogs at the Huon Show were a personal favourite, along with the flower pavilion, ute muster, wood-chopping, show-jumping and Clysdale horses.

Huon Show - Flowers

Beautiful blooms: flower pavilion

Huon Show - Flowers

Prize-winning flowers: Huon Show

Huon Show - Ute Muster

Ute-muster stand-out: Huon Show

Huon Show - Show Jumping

Show jumping, wonderful to watch

Huon Show - Clysdale Horse

Clysdale horses: amazing, beautiful creatures

The showbag section proved extremely popular, and ice-cream sales must’ve been off the charts thanks to the warm weather. Kids of all ages were drawn to sideshow alley and the usual scream-worthy rides, while many patrons surrounded the latest and greatest in farming equipment (and even some vintage varieties).

Huon Show - Engines

Vintage engine: fire-extinguisher at the ready!

Grand Parade

Entertainment for the really little folk was provided in a mid-arena tent, and a hundred or so stalls lined the outer perimetre. The grand parade started at 2:30pm and the stock and tractors completed a couple of laps for the enjoyment of onlookers.

Huon Show - Apples

Apples and tractors: Huon Show

Huon Show - Tractors

Tractors and lawn-mowers: Grand Parade

Huon Show - Horses

Magnificent displays of horsemanship

Huon Show - Alpacas and Sheep

Alpacas and sheep: Ranelagh

The Huon Show seemed to offer something to please everyone and many things to do; we filled in a few hours without too much trouble at all. We probably missed some features too, and we’ll seek them out at the very next chance we have to attend.

We made our way further south to the small Tasmanian town of Franklin when we left the Huon Show. Just because we love the drive, really! We bought some fresh, crunchy Pink Lady apples from a roadside stall, and showed our interstate guests where to find the departure point for a Huon River cruise. But that’s information for another time.

Huon Show - Franklin

Franklin by the Huon River

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