Think Huon Valley when you want one Tasmanian region that encapsulates the whole island. The apple capital of the Apple Isle has scenic drives and a majestic river and mountain setting.

Huon Valley Apples, Tasmania

Huon Valley, Tasmania (the Apple Isle)

Where is the Huon Valley?

Drive about 40 minutes from Hobart into south east Tasmania, and you’ll arrive at the region known as the Huon Valley. You’ll be tempted by an amazing assortment of fresh apples, some even uniquely Tasmanian. Proudly advertised with makeshift signs, roadside stalls implement honesty systems where you take the fruit and leave money in a box. Not only apples, either. You can drive away with enough groceries to please any dietitian. Just check out these berries!

Strawberries: roadside stall, Huon Valley Tasmania

Strawberries: roadside stall, Huon Valley Tasmania

Ranelagh Rally

There’s several small but locally significant towns off the major Huon route. Ranelagh boasts a large showground for example, venue for events such as the impressive Huon Show and the occasional hot rod rally.

Huonville and Franklin

Back on the main road, Huonville is the commercial heart of the Huon Valley. It’s  the place to go if you need tyres changed or a cheque cashed. But if you want an incredible choice of designer coffee, look for Franklin a little further south.

Franklin is an old-fashioned village with antique shops, a wooden boat centre and a healthy range of cafes and restaurants. According to the local hairdresser, people move to the town just to open a coffee shop!

Wooden Boat: Franklin, Huon Valley

Wooden Boat: Franklin, Huon Valley

Huon River: Huon Valley

Why wouldn’t you want to make the sea change to the quaint town, nestled as it is on the banks of the gorgeous Huon River? It seems a little confusing that Franklin the town does not go with Franklin the river, but you get that sometimes.

Huon Valley Strawberries and Chocolate Icecream

Strawberries: Huon Valley, Tasmania

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Map: Huon Valley Tasmania

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