I will never complain about the weather in Tasmania ever again. To be honest, I might complain in the future. Just not right now. Not while Hurricane Florence is approaching the east coast of the United States. I can’t imagine the distress of those in the path of the storm, predicted to be catastrophic. There’s lots of praying going on over there, so let’s hope it does some good.

Rainbow - Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania… perfect weather!

Hurricane Florence

I’m following the projections of wind speeds and flooding rain in America more closely than normal this time. Hurricane Florence is distracting me from my core business, actually. Our eldest son lives in North Carolina, so yeah. Stressful times.

But he’ll be okay. He’s surrounded by local friends who’ve no doubt had loads of experience surviving a hurricane. They’ll lead him to safety. Evacuation plans were made early and have now been instigated. It’s just that… well, a mother’s gotta worry.

You might need to excuse the occasional typo this week, that’s all. The time difference is keeping me sleepless; I’m stalking the Internet for new news of Hurricane Florence when I should be tucked up in bed. This will all be over soon. Please be safe everyone.

Hurricane - Bellerive Tasmania

Bellerive Tasmania: hurricane territory… for cricket only!

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