On a recent visit to far south Tasmania, we were intrigued by a small red hut. We snapped a photo of the igloo and posted it to social media, with this simple caption: Apple or tomato? Cute hut at Cockle Creek.

Igloo - Tasmanian-made

Tasmanian-made igloo by Malcolm Wallhead

Igloo: Antarctic Accommodation

Little did we know the apple (as it turns out) was so famous. Astute Think Tasmania readers alerted us to the fascinating story of Tasmanian artist Malcolm Wallhead, the designer of the Icewall One Igloo.

We did a little further reading, and thought you might find the details interesting too. Rather than rehash what’s already been well-documented, we’ll include a few relevant links here…

Igloo - Icewall One

Icewall One Igloo: Antarctic Hut

Cockle Creek, Far South Tasmania

Now we know the amazing story, we can’t believe we didn’t pay more attention to the igloo. Especially in light of our recent visit to the Subantarctic Plant House at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It also reminds us of the more traditional hut, built in the wilderness by the Hobart Walking Club.

Subantarctic Plant House - Tasmania

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens 

In our defence, we were rather preoccupied with the prospect of our impending journey. With the bridge out of service, we were faced with a trip in a small dinghy so we could visit the Cockle Creek whale sculpture. But that’s a whole other story!

Igloo - Cockle Creek

Stop: Cockle Creek

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Map: Icewall One Igloo, Cockle Creek…

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