Recently, we shared pictures from the Tasmanian town of Ross in the Heritage Highway region. Photographer David Lamplough told us he had quite a photographic collection from his holiday, and kindly offered to share more with Think Tasmania readers at a later time. And that later time is today! Please enjoy these lovely images from Strahan.

Images From Strahan - Tasmania

Stormy Sky over Strahan (photo by David Lamplough)

Please Enjoy: Images From Strahan

by David Lamplough

During his three-week trip, David made tracks to the west coast of Tasmania. As we love working with the good folks at Discover Strahan, we’re delighted to share more photos from the iconic tourist destination, taken just last month.

Contributions like these images from Strahan are helping Think Tasmania enormously. We do strive to sprinkle love over the whole state, and not just our home-town. To be honest, our own travel has been a tad challenging and largely curtailed while we’re still in recovery-mode. Thanks to Hobart’s rock-star surgeon Michael Pritchard and his fantastic team, I’ve been blessed with a brand new hip and can once again (very gratefully) walk without hindrance or pain. The man’s knee refinement is proving much more difficult though. What a pair of old crocks we are! But have no fear, we’re on the home stretch now. Be running up mountains soon, we will (cough, cough). Well, maybe not mountains, but 2015 will see us (at the very least) accepting many more of the much-appreciated invitations to visit, rather than rueing lost opportunities. Our esteemed members will be sick of the sight of us before too long! On the agenda are places like…

Images From Strahan - Bed & Breakfast 21, Gawler

Bed & Breakfast 21, Gawler (photo supplied)

Images from Strahan - Cradle Chalet, Moina

Cradle Chalet (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Images From Strahan - Mt Lyell Anchorage B&B, Queenstown

Mt Lyell Anchorage B&B: Queenstown (photo supplied)

Taking Tasmania Online

There was quite a discussion generated by fans of David Lamplough’s work via Think Tasmania’s Facebook page when we shared one of the aforementioned photos of Ross. We think that’s just great. Even with a little additional information and follow-up research required to answer specific reader enquiries, the landscapes started a conversation and brought attention to a small town.

Ever the observant Facebook fan, David started a new conversation with Think Tasmania via email…

I’ve just seen the magnificent image you shared on Facebook, featuring a sunset over Strahan. I offer to you the opposite version, taken from the same vantage point on October 19. It’s titled “Stormy Sky over Strahan”. (see top of page)

As is our custom whenever possible, we replied, thanking David for sharing the photo and expressing our admiration for his photography talent. That brought forth several more images from Strahan, and we’re happy to share them all here with you now. These boats were captured at the same location, on the same day (from the Esplanade at Regatta Point in Strahan).

Images From Strahan - Tasmania

Esplanade: Regatta Point, Strahan (photo by David Lamplough)

Images From Strahan - Tasmania

Old Yellow (photo by David Lamplough)

Images From Strahan - Tasmania

Three in Dark Waters (photo by David Lamplough)

Images From Strahan - Tasmania

Seen Better Days (photo by David Lamplough)

If you have a collection of photos and a brief story (like these images from Strahan contributed by David Lamplough) please contact Think Tasmania. We love to share new and interesting material with all our readers via the website, newsletter and social media.

David Lamplough lives in Adelaide’s northern suburb of Elizabeth. During the 1950s, he spent his early childhood years living on Mount Nelson. At the age of ten, he left Tasmania when his parents went to seek work in South Australia. To request more information about David’s photography or his Tasmanian holiday, please leave a reply below.

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