We have many readers in Brisbane and further afield in Queensland, as well as lots of followers in the Tasmanian artistic community. So when Think Tasmania was asked to help to spread the word about a worthy endeavour involving both those groups, we said yes! Here’s the story, and by all means contact Think Tasmania or Judi Adams with any thoughts.

In Brisbane - Supporters of Tasmania

Brisbane, Queensland (photos by Ben & Chrissy Booth)

Calling Think Tasmania Readers in Brisbane

by Judi Adams

I am not sure if you can assist, but if you have local contacts in Brisbane, by all means let me know as I don’t have any local networks there at all.

I had a call from Sheena Harris last night. Sheena is based in Brisbane and has been in email contact with Janelle McMillan, a local artist with cerebral palsy who creates artwork and uses these for creating calendars and cards with all profits being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

In Brisbane - Janelle McMillan

Janelle McMillan: Breast Cancer artwork

Janelle is the Tasmanian Community Achievement Award Winner in the MAIB disability category, and has had a remarkable twelve months realising her dreams of getting her artworks published and raising funds for her preferred breast cancer research charity.

In Brisbane - Tasmanian Community Achievement Award

Janelle McMillan: Tasmanian Community Achievement

Tasmanian Connections with Queensland

Sheena has long been involved in various fundraising events in Brisbane and is aligned with Triathlon Pink. Sheena works for Heritage Bank in Queensland but originally hailed from Tasmania. Sheena and I would need to assist Janelle who is non verbal, working towards corporate sponsorship or in kind work to cover the artwork production costs.

Sheena and Janelle have been in contact working on an idea to get Janelle’s artworks printed and framed in order to have an art exhibition (most likely in Brisbane but possibly also in Tasmania) and to sell the framed artworks for charity.

In Brisbane - Janelle's Artwork for Breast Cancer

Janelle McMillan: art to fundraise for NBCF

It makes sense for the printing and framing work to be done locally wherever the exhibition is to be held. Therefore if the exhibition is to be held in Brisbane, to source a printer and a framer for the artworks in Brisbane. While I have contacts in Tassie, it makes sense to produce in the state the exhibition will occur as freight costs are too prohibitive out of Tassie.

In Brisbane - Judi Adams NBCF

Judi Adams: National Breast Cancer Foundation

I was just flagging if anyone had any alignments or knew of a firm – perhaps with someone like Art Poster or similar, and also if there was a printing firm that they knew of that could be approached to see if they might be aligned .

In Brisbane - Tasmanian Devils Club

Officials: Tasmanian Devils Club, Brisbane (click photo for more)

I look forward to hearing from anyone who could suggest suitable Brisbane based contacts who might know of firms to make contact with. And of course do let me know if you know anyone who might be interested in Tasmania as well.

For more information, contact Judi Adams (Chair, Hobart Volunteer Committee ~ National Breast Cancer Foundation): phone 0415 294 610. You can also follow Janelle McMillan on Facebook at Fairies of Pink Hope.

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