“We’re coming to Tasmania for a holiday. Can you give us information about what we should do/see/eat/buy?” That’s the sort of question we get asked a lot by Think Tasmania readers. Without knowledge of personal interests, budgetary concerns, dietary preferences, time restraints, fitness levels, etc etc etc… that’s a difficult question to answer specifically, especially in the limited spare time we have available. Perhaps we should introduce another paid service to our repertoire… writing personalised Tasmanian Holiday Itineraries!

Information - Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge: Tasmania

Information from Think Tasmania

We do publish lots of general information about Tasmania covering a variety of topics though. Hopefully much of it useful information for visitors planning holidays, and for locals too! When a reader gives feedback advising we’ve provided ideas about Tasmanian towns and products previously unknown to them… we’re especially happy.

When we do have personal knowledge and information about the visitors… that’s a whole new ballgame. Take Linda and Shane from our home town of Bordertown (SA), for example. They were at Agfest in Carrick to promote their business: Tatiara Industrial Repairs. They’ve since returned for other local field days to showcase the rollers and farm equipment they make. They’ve had a couple of very brief stays with us during such trips to Tasmania, and we know what kind of things they like to do. They like to go shopping for antique china!

Information - Tatiara Industrial Repairs

Information: Tatiara Industrial Repairs, Agfest

On random occasions, we’ve given Shane and Linda self-drive information and they’ve conducted their own searches of antique shops in Battery Point, New Norfolk, Ross and Longford. We also devised an accompanied day trip from Hobart, taking them to additional local haunts, still on the hunt for teacups and plates!

Information - Collectibles

No blue and white china… scary mask instead?

Day Trip from Hobart

During our day trip from Hobart, we left home early to cover as much territory as possible. Not in terms of driving kms, but in terms of searching for a very specific blue and white china. Our first destination was a mere 25 minutes from Hobart: the Antique Centre in Somerville Street, Sorell. The wares of many antique dealers are housed in the bright yellow building, and the products were a truly eclectic mix ranging from bric-a-brac, to collectibles and high-priced merchandise.

We did also try desperately to visit Sorell Station Antiques in Station Lane during their advertised hours, politely knocking on their closed front door to no avail. A phone number was provided for alternate contact, but we just couldn’t get their attention. We’re hoping they didn’t have any of that special blue and white china!

We’ll have to return to investigate that particular shop another day. Our disappointment had a silver lining anyway, as these things often do. Shane and Linda bought a huge jam-boiling copper from a second-hand dealer in the same street; while we raced through the undercover section of the Sorell Market just around the corner.

Information - Jams

Tassie jams

Antique Shopping: Sorell, Richmond, Oatlands

Leaving Sorell, we drove less than 15kms to our next town of interest. Richmond has a wealth of antique shops and we were able to discover lots of interesting bits and pieces. None of the specific china plates though! Aside from antiques, we also shopped for souvenirs and browsed gifts and home-wares in Church Street.

Information - Antiques and Collectibles

Shopping: antiques and collectibles, Tasmania

Information - Woodcraft Shop, Richmond

Woodcraft Shop, Richmond: drive from Hobart

Information - Shopping in Richmond

Shopping in Richmond

Clearly all the shopping worked up an appetite. We consumed a range of pies from the bakery (and don’t tell anyone, but we may have also sampled the chocolate eclairs…). Then we took the obligatory tourist photo at the historic Richmond Bridge while we had the chance. Shane and Linda proved to be great models throughout the day, never once refusing a photo request.

Our journey continued north to Oatlands, where Shane and Linda had official business for Tatiara Industrial Repairs. While they conducted their meeting, we took a tour of Callington Mill, and browsed the lovely range of products at Oatlands Handmade. The time spent in Oatlands would have to be classed a reconnaissance mission… without a shadow of a doubt, visitors could spend the whole day just in this one delightful town in the Heritage Highway region.

Information - Calington Mill

Heritage Highway: Callington Mill complex, Oatlands

Information - Oatlands Handmade

Oatlands Handmade

We returned to Hobart via Kempton without so much as a saucer! However, we did have lots of fun collecting other items, essential for a productive retail therapy session. This shopping trail may not be exactly what inspires you, but each and every reader is looking for their own unique experience. We hope you find something of interest in the information we provide… use the search function (top right of the website) or scroll through the index pages.

Information - Kempton

Kempton: midlands of Tasmania

Requests for Information

Should you still be left in the dark, we’re able to post a forum question asking our very helpful readers for their advice via social media. Or maybe you could contact Think Tasmania with your topic idea and we’ll conduct yet another research mission to suit? While we strive to respond personally to every single request for information, your feedback will inspire our future schedule of general material, at the very least. Even though we started the journey with Think Tasmania back in January 2010 (and have clocked up almost 900 stories since) we still have so much more to cover. As always, we choose to only publish information from first-hand knowledge.

Information - Antiques

Upmarket antique shop: Richmond Tasmania

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Map: Sorell, Richmond, Oatlands Tasmania

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