We came across the Ingleside Bakery Cafe quite by chance. We were out for a Sunday drive from Launceston. We did a loop circuit, past Entally House in Hadspen; via Longford and back through Evandale on the home stretch. We got a little peckish on the drive (as you do!) and decided to seek out a nice place to eat.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Baked Goodies

Baked goodies: Ingleside Bakery Cafe, Evandale

Ingleside Bakery Cafe: Pretty Place in Evandale

If you’ve read any of my food-related articles before, you would know I like more than just a good bite to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of quality food. But I also like my environment to be special when I’m eating out. And I thought the Ingleside Bakery Cafe was very charming.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Table Service

Shopping in Evandale Tasmania

Apparently, the goodies are baked in an old wood-fired oven. Some of the parts used to make the oven were reputedly found “lying in a field”. Recycling at its finest! And whatever method used to bake them, the cakes we tried were delicious.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Lemon Tart & Hot Chocolate

Delicious lemon tart; hot chocolate on the side

The building itself is bright yellow these days, which would be a dramatic change from the early days. Built in 1867 as Council Chambers in Russell Street Evandale, it was converted to its current form in 1988.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Old Council Chambers, Evandale

Old Council Chambers building, Evandale: Ingleside Bakery Cafe

Courtyard Garden with Roses in Summer

Access to the delightful garden in the courtyard has been created by the removal of one of the side windows. And in keeping with the recycling theme, a tall, skinny door from an old church now fills the cavity.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Rose Courtyard

Ingleside Bakery Cafe: rose-covered courtyard

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Evandale Courtyard Dining

Courtyard dining: Evandale, Tasmania.

It wasn’t the right season for us to enjoy the magnificent blooms that adorn the Ingleside Bakery Cafe in summer. But we did really enjoy the sculptures in the garden, especially the one we dubbed King Chicken. He was tinged with green from the weather, and would swing in the breeze, magically balanced somehow.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Garden Sculpture

King Chicken: Ingleside Bakery Cafe courtyard

Service with a Smile; Shopping on the Side

The cafe was pretty busy when we ventured in. But the service was friendly and efficient, and the kids were made to feel welcome. There were plenty of things to browse during our brief wait… artwork, local honey, sweets, giftware and souvenirs of all sorts lined the walls and shelves. There was an open fire to warm your toes, too.

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Shopping

Shopping while you wait

Ingleside Bakery Cafe - Paintings for Sale

Pleasant ambiance: Evandale Tasmania

We’ve since recommended Ingleside Bakery Cafe to some Tassie tourists, when they asked about a place to eat near the Launceston airport. And they really liked it. In fact, they made a point of taking some friends there on a return visit. It’s nice when we have our opinion confirmed by others. But when a place is this good, it’s not hard to get it right.

Map: Ingleside Bakery Cafe Evandale

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