In 1883, gold was discovered at a site known as the Iron Blow. These days, visitors to the cantilevered lookout are offered fantastic views over the former open cut mine and the iconic landscape of Linda Valley in west coast Tasmania.

Iron Blow - Open Cut Mine

Iron Blow Lookout: former open-cut mine

Iron Blow Viewing Platform

Carol Haberle wrote extensively about the mining history of Queenstown for Think Tasmania readers. Visitors to the Iron Blow viewing platform have the opportunity to read detailed and fascinating information about the west coast’s gold strike. That initial discovery was followed by the detection of vast deposits of copper, which proved far more profitable for the region’s mining companies.

For even more comprehensive coverage of the region’s mining endeavours, join Anthony Coulson of Queenstown Heritage Tours.

Iron Blow - Queenstown

Unique landscape: Queenstown Tasmania

Iron Blow - Views

Stunning views: West Coast Tasmania

If you’re just looking for spectacular views over the open cut mine and the practically deserted mining towns of Gormanston and Linda, the Iron Blow Lookout is for you. Signs at the top of Gormanston Hill mark the entrance to the car park from Lyell Highway, the direct route between Hobart and Queenstown.

Iron Blow - Car Parked at Cantilevered Lookout

Cantilevered Iron Blow Lookout

Iron Blow - Lake Burbury

West Coast views: Lake Burbury, Tasmania

Queenstown Tasmania: Iconic Landscape

We arrived at the Iron Blow Lookout a little late in the day, when shadows were creeping over the main attraction. Our Tasmanian friends-in-photography have managed to capture some stunning images of the open cut mine and the colours of the surrounding rocks. Hopefully you can grasp the idea from our quick mobile-phone shots though!

Iron Blow - Landscape

Amazing colours in the rocks

Iron Blow - Linda Valley

Gormanston and Linda: mining ghost towns

We were latish to reach the outskirts Queenstown because there’s so many things to do en route from Hobart. We’ve detailed some of our adventures already, but we’d suggest making time for this particular feature. Definitely allow time to read the stories of the west coast mining pioneers at the site.

Watching a sunrise over Lake Burbury from the Iron Blow Lookout would be an interesting concept, and one we might even tackle the next time we venture to Queenstown. Although… we might be a tad reluctant to leave our comfy bed at Mt Lyell Anchorage!

Iron Blow - Gold and Copper Mining

Mineral deposits colour open cut mine

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Map: Iron Blow Lookout, Tasmania…

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