Iron House Brewery is part of the White Sands Estate on the east coast of Tasmania. We dragged ourselves off the lounge and away from the stellar views of our Bicheno holiday house to go and investigate. We had to eat somewhere, after all. And we weren’t in the least disappointed with our effort.

Iron House Brewery - Beer Tasting

Tasmanian boutique beer: Iron House Brewery

Bicheno: Iron House Brewery

We made a quick stop at the Bicheno Tourist Information Centre on the way, to gauge their opinion of the Iron House Brewery as a place to go. There are plenty of other places to choose from. But Anastasia and Tracey both gave it the thumbs up, especially for lunch-time meals. They were clearly familiar with the venue, promising great views, great meals and great tasting beer. Sold.

We drove north towards St Helens past Douglas Apsley National Park, East Coast Natureworld, Douglas River and Elephant Pass Road. Just south of Four Mile Creek, there’s a well-marked entrance into White Sands Estate, and you follow the road into the reception centre.

Iron House Brewery - White Sands Estate

White Sands Estate via Bicheno

Iron House Brewery - White Sands Estate Complex

White Sands Estate: cafe and brewery

View of the Brew House

We were greeted warmly in the foyer by the receptionist, who pointed the way to the Brew Haus Cafe & Bar… past the brew-house where the beer is made. You can see the actual Iron House Brewery right there, through glass windows. Apparently if you time it right, you can even join a tour.

After touring a few wineries in the Coonawarra in South Australia, I couldn’t believe the whole production line was in that one room. I thought it would be much more elaborate. But I guess that’s where the term Tasmanian boutique beer or micro-brewery comes in.

Iron House Brewery - Brew House

Brew Haus Cafe and Bar: White Sands Estate

Brew Haus Cafe & Bar

Anyway, we wandered into the Brew Haus Cafe & Bar, and instantly fell in love with the place. The room is open and light and leads out onto a balcony, which would be the perfect place to share Friday night drinks with a group of friends.

Iron House Brewery - Brew Haus Cafe & Bar Balcony

Brew Haus Cafe and Bar, White Sands Estate

We were one of several groups passing through that day. Some stayed for lunch; a few others just had drinks. But the majority of traffic had come for the beer-tasting. And when in Rome? The Iron House Brewery brochure we collected from Anastasia and Tracey back in Bicheno showed four beers, but I’m pretty sure the tasting included more than four. Maybe six?

I know for sure that one of them was a caramel and chocolate inspired number, and another dubbed The Hoff (very funny!) was 8% alcohol. Luckily we were staying for lunch, and the meals duly soaked up some of the effect. The designated driver passed on The Hoff.

Iron House Brewery - Brew Haus Cafe & Bar

Burgers and fish: Brew Haus Cafe and Bar

Lunch consisted of chicken and steak burgers and a Trevalla seafood special, and was just as wonderful as the venue. We enjoyed a leisurely hour or two overlooking the coastline and the kayaking lake, one of the facilities available to in-house guests.

Iron House Brewery - East Coast Tasmania

Vkiews: east coast from Iron House Brewery

Aptly Named: White Sands Estate

Eventually we had to drag ourselves away from the Iron House Brewery! Luckily we were heading back to our gorgeous digs in Bicheno to ease the pain. We even stopped at Lagoon Beach on the way. Well, you just can’t visit the region without at least one walk along the white sands of the east coast beaches.

Iron House Brewery - White Sands

White sands: east coast beach, near Iron House Brewery

Map: Iron House Brewery Tasmania…

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