Joy Chappell, our host from Mt Lyell Anchorage, suggested we break the drive from Hobart to Queenstown at Jackson’s Emporium in Hamilton. Great suggestion Joy!

Jackson's Emporium - Hamilton Tasmania

Jackson’s Emporium: Hobart to Queenstown

Delicious: Jackson’s Emporium

We did just that, and stopped for morning tea in Hamilton at Jackson’s Emporium, about 70kms from Hobart. It appeared to be the only eatery open in town; hence the place was jumping with customers. And we loved the quirky little cafe! It’s the kind of place that would inspire the hour-long drive through the Derwent Valley to visit again. It’s also the kind of place that’s wonderful to photograph, boasting a heritage sandstone building as a convenient backdrop for tasty Tasmanian morsels.

We were drawn to a blackboard sign on prominent display out front. Remember, this west-coast trip was undertaken BEFORE the Nanna’s Berries scandal. Now it seems like some kind of prophecy, to capture the “local and fresh” angle. We were extremely tempted to taste the ice-cream, but just couldn’t decide on flavour choices. Besides, it was still so early. Is it okay to eat ice-cream for breakfast? We regret the abstinence now, but we can return anytime so it’s no biggie.

Jackson's Emporium - Fresh Berries

Fresh berries from Jackson’s Emporium

What we did choose was amazing. The scones (date for Gavin and plain for me) were gigantic. When our morning tea arrived at the table, we were informed the homemade jam-of-the-day was rhubarb, which did worry me some. Not-so fond childhood memories of unsweetened, stewed-beyond-recognition rhubarb make the fruit one food I could take or leave. Usually leave, actually. Thankfully, this version was delicious!

Jackson's Emporium - Date Scones

Date scones with homemade rhubarb jam

Jackson's Emporium - Devonshire Tea

Hot chocolate with scones, jam and cream

Hamilton Delights Visitors

The shelves of Jackson’s Emporium tempt cafe patrons with a host of jams and local delights, perfect as souvenirs or travel-treats. We had a quick browse, then headed outside to enjoy the brilliant sunshine and lovely courtyard garden. We would’ve loved to dally longer, but Queenstown was calling!

Jackson's Emporium - Courtyard Dining

Beautiful sunny day, Tasmania: dine outside

The word “Emporium” usually applies to a large retail store selling a wide variety of goods. It can also mean a centre of commerce or a market. Jackson’s Emporium didn’t strike us as either of those things, so we went in search of the name’s significance.

This quote from the Jackson’s Emporium website explained everything!

Built in 1856, this sandstone shop was the Centre of Commerce in colonial Hamilton. Now re-opened as an interesting and different kind of department store. We specialize in Derwent Valley products and visitor services.

Jackson's Emporium - Coffee Shop

Jackson’s Emporium: fine range of tea and coffee

Jackson's Emporium - Jams & Conserves

Selection of jams and conserves: Jackson’s Emporium

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