Due to a last-minute cancellation, we have a few hours to spare in tomorrow’s schedule. We could use that time to restore order to the household and catch up on a few chores. But what would be the sense in that? With the kids home on school holidays, the place would revert to something akin to a bomb-site with 24 hours. Maybe we could calm our minds instead, by visiting one of our favourite places in Hobart: the Japanese Garden.

Japanese Garden - Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Japanese Garden: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Japanese Garden: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Hobart has a two formal sister cities: L’Aquila in Italy and Yaizu in Japan. The Hobart City Council have forged these relationships to “provide opportunities for the people of Hobart to make professional, educational, cultural and personal links with people from around the world”. The Japanese Garden at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens was designed by a landscape architect from Yaizu named Kanjiro Harada.

It’s just a beautiful place to visit regardless of the Tasmanian season, but the cherry blossom in spring is particularly pretty. Throughout the year, feature plants include irises and water lilies, Japanese maples, conifers, camellias and azaleas. Popular with amateur and professional photographers alike, the Japanese Garden is also popular as a wedding venue.

Japanese Garden - Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Japanese Garden: Botanical Gardens, Hobart

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are hosting the annual Spring Community Festival this weekend. Held over both days of the weekend, the long-running event now attracts 15,000 visitors to enjoy entertainment, sporting activities, performers, rides, food and wine. Check the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Facebook page for more details.

Promotion for the festival originally inspired our thoughts of a return visit to the Japanese Garden. But having to share our special place with so many others…? Maybe not quite the calming contemplation we’ve experienced there before. Besides, we’re actually still considering a few other options for tomorrow.

The Barn Market

The Barn Market is due to return to Rosny Farm tomorrow for a festive spring edition. Showcasing a select group of Tasmanian designers and makers, apparently there’ll be some new stallholders along with the firm favourites. Promising clothing, stationery, home-wares, accessories, gift ideas and jewellery it could be the time and place to start Christmas shopping. Head to Rosny Park (next to Eastlands Shopping Centre) from 10:00am to 3:00pm for all the market action. Check The Barn Market Facebook page for more details.

Japanse Garden - The Barn Market

Barn Market: Rosny Farm

Huon Valley Business Expo

Of course, you’ve probably heard us mention the Huon Valley Business Expo a time or two before. This year’s event is being promoted as bigger and better than the last. Not one, but two all-weather venues in Huonville will host a crowd of business owners from the southern Tasmanian region keen to showcase their goods and services. Parking is free, and a 30 minute drive from Hobart will have you on the doorstep.

Head to the Huon Valley PCYC and Trade Training Centre in Wilmot Road, Huonville from 10:00am to 4:00pm. A gold coin donation is all that’s required for entry, and you’ll be rewarded with lots of bargains, giveaways, special offers and things to discover. Make sure you say hello to David Moore from I Hate My PC… he’s one of the organisers of the event. David and wife Susan (who writes the Huon View blog) also contribute articles to Think Tasmania. Check the Huon Valley Business Facebook page for more details.

Japanese Garden - Huon Valley Business Expo

Huon Valley Business Expo: Huonville

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