Jen Holdsworth is one of those people you come across in life that seem to have more of something. More hours in the day? More energy? Maybe it’s more unique ideas or passion to spare. Whatever it is, Jen is a whirlwind who can put a positive spin on any situation. Everything seems to be a blessing!

Jen Holdsworth - Welcome to Think Tasmania

Jen Holdsworth (photo supplied)

Who Is Jen Holdsworth?

Our paths crossed when Jen wrote a piece for Think Tasmania about D’Entrecasteaux Soaps and Hospital Healing Hampers, two of the many projects in her life. She enjoyed the experience so much, she wanted to write more. And she thought other Tasmanian business owners could benefit from her input.

Jen Holdsworth - Hospital Healing Hampers

Hospital Healing Hampers (photo supplied)

Well we couldn’t believe our luck. Here was someone with so much to do already, asking to join our great team. In the blink of an eye, she’d organised her first visit and with camera in hand, went out to research a story for the website. Amazing! When you read about this dynamo, you’ll realise she is a perfect fit with the fabulous group of ambassadors we have here at Think Tasmania.

Jen is one busy lady! Tasmanian born and raised in the foothills of Mt Wellington at Fern Tree, the mountain air is in her blood. She has a huge passion for the beauty of Tasmania, and takes real pleasure in supporting and assisting follow Tasmanians.

Jen Holdsworth met her husband while working at an insurance company in Hobart. Paul, an ex-AFL player (Sydney Swans) is also a Tasmanian mountain boy, raised at Mt Rumney. Their first few years of courting involved travelling Tasmania in what was the TFL (Tasmanian Football League). Then in 1991 they built their dream house in Fern Tree.

The following few years they had three lovely children: Lucy, Luke and Lilly. Due to school and travel they decided to move a little closer to Hobart, but still longed for the bush, so they settled into Mt Nelson. Then two years later their lives were turned upside down with the birth of their fourth child. Josie was born very ill with Kabuki Syndrome. Jen and Paul have endured over 30 trips to Melbourne and some 25 surgeries to keep Josie alive and well.

But to cut a very long and emotional story short…  here they are, some 17 years later! Lucy is 17, Luke 16, Lilly 13 and Josie 11. One attends Elizabeth College, two at Taroona High and Josie attends Southern Support School, a special needs school. Jen also works part-time for the Education Department supporting younger children and their families transition into school, dealing with their special needs.

Jen Holdsworth also runs two online businesses and has had a lot of support from the Tasmanian business community. Her passion for supporting, helping and promoting fellow Tasmanian people and helping them achieve their dreams is apparent in her commitment to staying positive and believing that things can be achieved when working together.

Her love of Tasmania is strong. The family are regular visitors to Coles Bay, and Jen says “Coles Bay and the east coast are our soul food, it helps to recharge our batteries”. Also as part of her husband’s job as an insurance broker, they often travel to the north west coast. Jen has found some wonderful shops and services there.

Jen Holdsworth - Coles Bay

Coles Bay: Tasmania (photo supplied)

“I feel honoured to be able to write about and help encourage and promote wonderful Tasmanian businesses and people; I thank Think Tasmania for letting me do this”

Jen Holdsworth - Promoting Tasmanian Business

Jen Holdsworth: proud Tasmanian (photo supplied)

During Jen’s years of being an advocate for her sick daughter and establishing her businesses she has built many strong relationships. They include media personalities, journalists, politicians, advocacy groups and other wonderful, supportive Tasmanian business people. So she is very pleased to be writing for Think Tasmania. And Think Tasmania is very pleased to have her on board.

Jen Holdsworth is the founder of Hospital Healing Hampers ~ Quality Australian Healing Gifts

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