Is it too late to be suggesting Christmas presents? You’ve done all your shopping by now, yes? Either way, you might be interested in the comments we received when we called for the best jewellery makers in Tasmania.

Mary Lewis Designs - Glass Beads & Jewellery

Tasmanian Jewellery  (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Tasmanian Jewellery Makers: Who Do You Love?

As we did with cupcakes, we asked a question on our Facebook page. We wanted to know from our followers who they thought should be included in a short-list of the best jewellery makers in Tasmania. We didn’t receive a runaway winner like we did with 4 Little Piggies in the Great Tasmanian Cupcake Challenge. But we did receive more food for thought. And we learned of new business owners we weren’t previously aware of. Exactly the sort of thing we were hoping to achieve; combined with a little extra promotion for those who make jewellery, of course!

4 Little Piggies - Variety of Flavours

4 Little Piggies (photo supplied)

There were many jewellery makers to receive a vote (or several votes) of confidence from their adoring fans during our poll. Just to be fair, we’ll give everyone at least a mention right here, in no particular order. We’ll also include a link to their Facebook page if we can…

Hey, Don’t We Know You?

Three of the jewellery makers suggested as the Best in Tassie are already well known to readers of Think Tasmania. Most recently, we introduced Jess from How Charming following her generous gesture to our writer, Carol Haberle. Jess makes collectible charms from polymer clay. Each one is hand sculpted and used for necklaces, bracelets and hairpins. Jess made a replica Sony A77 DSLR camera and sent it to Carol as a get-well gift.

How Charming - Clay Charms, Hairclips and Earrings

How Charming: Launceston (photo supplied)

Prior to that, we met Sarah from Spotted Giraffe. Like Jess, Sarah is also based in Launceston and designs and creates unique, handmade jewellery for women and children. One lucky Think Tasmania reader (Katrina of Roocke Cookies) walked away with a Spotted Giraffe necklace made from a mix of wood, glass, shell beads and resin with a fimo flower on a silver thread. The necklace was valued at $39.95 and was offered as a prize in one of our giveaways.

Jewellery Makers - Spotted Giraffe

Spotted Giraffe, Launceston

Another giveaway was provided by Tasmanian Wood Jewellery to readers of Think Tasmania. The Blackwood necklace enhanced with Onyx beads was named “Black Poles” and was valued at $70.00 and remains one of our most popular prizes ever. And we’ve had some amazing giveaways! Whenever Adrienne and Kenn (the creative duo behind Tasmanian Wood Jewellery) are mentioned, we receive lots of positive feedback. Everyone loves their work.

Tasmanian Wood Jewellery - Handmade Collection

Tasmanian Wood Jewellery (photo supplied)

Hello, Nice to Meet You: Jewellery Makers

We’ll follow up the other short-listed jewellery makers and see if we can learn more about them and share that information with you. A quick peek at their Facebook pages is enough to reveal a wealth of talent, and I’d suggest you acquaint yourselves with their work too. Our readers are very astute and helpful, so if they’re suggesting these business owners during a Best in Tassie challenge, there must be good reason.

We found during our cupcake challenge that most of the mentions were for business owners located in the north of the state. Could it be a coincidence that the same has happened for the jewellery makers? Maybe those in the north of the state are paying more attention to our Facebook page? Do they love us just a little more than their southern counterparts? Interesting!

Complaints and Suggestions

I must also mention that we did receive some complaints after the cupcake challenge. The favourite bakers of some of our readers were NOT given a mention. In our defence, each time we do this (and there will be more challenges to come) the opportunity to comment is open to everyone. It could be regarded as a little reward for those following our Facebook page really closely, and an extra way to shine a light on the business you own (and/or that of your friends).

We love using our website and Facebook page to promote Tasmanian businesses in creative ways. Everyone has their own opinion, and inspiration and ideas for stories can come from anyone, anywhere. Using our Facebook page in this way is like having our very own personal forum… without much of the nasty rubbish. Naturally, Think Tasmania followers are all wonderful, helpful and interested in all things Tasmanian.

Of course, if you have a favourite jewellery maker (no matter where they’re based in Tasmania) you are welcome to leave a reply below extolling their virtues. Even if they don’t follow us on Facebook.

We’re not totally unbiased when we talk about social media. We manage Facebook pages on behalf of Tasmanian business owners. (It’s just one of the services we offer our clients; other services are listed in the ‘about’ section of our Facebook page.) We don’t claim to be social media experts by any stretch, but we are pretty damn good at creating original and relevant content, and keeping the conversation going. And in our humble opinion, that’s the real value of having a Facebook page in the first place. If you’d like someone to tame the time-consuming beast that is Facebook for your business… just contact Think Tasmania.

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