John Hart Conservatory within City Park has to be one of our favourite places to visit in Launceston. We did just that during our northern Tasmania adventure recently, and we were not disappointed. The centre of the conservatory was empty this time, with colourful orchids lining just the outside walls under the arched windows. So beautiful.

John Hart - Conservatory, Launceston

Launceston: John Hart Conservatory

Launceston City Park: John Hart Conservatory

Gardening enthusiasts should definitely make John Hart Conservatory a priority during any visit to Launceston. The orchids were outstanding, and the immediate surrounds are usually planted with bright and cheerful annuals. Photographers would also be well-pleased with the showcase.

John Hart - Conservatory

Gardening: John Hart Conservatory

We parked our car (for free AND in the shade) in a three-hour space on Brisbane Street. After our flower-snapping, we walked from Launceston City Park to Pierre’s on George Restaurant for lunch. And we may have visited neighbouring business Cocobean, just for good measure!

John Hart - Conservatory, Tasmania

Tasmanian tourism: City Park, Launceston

Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory: John Hart Duplicate

A twin copy of John Hart Conservatory was built at Parramatta Creek, just south of Latrobe. That version currently houses a cafe called Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory. We think it’s high time we paid the Latrobe region another visit.

John Hart Conservatory is officially located at 45-51 Tamar Street behind Albert Hall and the Japanese macaques monkey enclosure in City Park. All are managed by the City of Launceston.

John Hart - Conservatory, Orchid

Orchid: John Hart Conservatory

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Map: John Hart Conservatory, Launceston

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