We walked part of the Jordan River Trail recently. We didn’t know if we could manage the entire trail from Brighton and back, so we started midway in Pontville.

Jordan River Trail - Pontville

Jordan River Trail, Pontville

Jordan River Trail - Pontville Tasmania

Heritage Pontville building: Jordan River Trail

Walking in Pontville: Jordan River Trail

From our starting point in Pontville, we walked north-westish. The wide, gravel track morphed into a concrete path and followed the line of the river past an extensive sports ground, equestrian centre and small farm blocks.

Jordan River Trail - Walking Track

Jordan River Trail

Jordan River Trail - Hobby Farms

Lovely rural scenery: Pontville

Walkers could exit at Hartley Court and return via Pontville’s road network, but we retraced our steps back to the car. In hindsight, we could’ve probably managed the whole walk starting from Andrew Street in Brighton; it was very easy.

Jordan River Trail - Rural Scenery

Jordan River Trail

Twelve Stones in Pontville

When we got back to the car, we went for coffee and snacks at Twelve Stones Restaurant instead of continuing south to Brighton. We’ll do that section of the Jordan River Trail next time. And we’ll have an excuse to return to the fabulous converted church in Pontville for more foodie indulgence.

Jordan River Trail - Twelve Stones, Pontville

Twelve Stones Restaurant, Pontville Tasmania

The section of Jordan River Trail we walked started at the corner of Ford Road and Brighton Road in Pontville, near Epsom House and opposite Twelve Stones Restaurant and Cellar Door. We had our dog with us, and there wasn’t any problem dining at Twelve Stone’s outdoor tables with her. In fact, they even gave her a drink from a plastic container which was a lovely gesture.

Jordan River Trail - Epsom House

Epsom House: Brighton Road

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