A few weeks ago, just by chance, we stumbled across the judges box for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. We’d meandered into the carpark near the CSIRO buildings in Battery Point, just to see what we could see. And there it was!

Judges Box - Sydney to Hobart Finish

Judges box: finish Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Castray Esplanade Judges Box

We’ve been all around it, but never actually seen it before. The judges box is across the road from Princes Park, not far from Castray Esplanade Food + Wine. Hobart’s iconic Salamanca Market is also nearby; so is the quirky Arthur Circus, another feature of Battery Point.

There’s a very informative sign to acknowledge the simple structure as the judges box for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race (amongst others). Apparently this is the second version, circa 1960. The entrance of the CSIRO building marks the original location of the judges box. A move to the current location was required following an extension to Princes Wharf.

Judges Box - Battery Point

Judges box: Battery Point, Derwent River

The sign also acts as a memorial for Tasmanian yachtsman John Bennetto, who completed a total of 44 Sydney to Hobart races, from 1946 to the time of his death.  Mirrabooka, the yacht sailed in the final of those races, is also pictured.

Judges Box - Hobart

Iconic sailing structure: Hobart (circa 1960)

Judges Box - Sailing

Judges box: sailing competitions, Derwent River

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

Adjacent to the judges box is the 628 sculpture, part of the Sculpture by Numbers Trail in Battery Point. It’s a transparent, solid-glass panel featuring etchings of maps and boats, accompanied by a plaque in the ground. They serve as “reminders that people have looked out across the waters of the River Derwent and observed many different scenes through long ages.”

Judges Box - Sculpture 628

The number 628 sculpture, part of the Battery Point Sculpture by Numbers Trail

Judges Box - Number 628

628 sculpture: Battery Point Trail

An arrow indicates the direction to the next sculpture in the Battery Point trail… onward to 2,000. We must do the entire walk one day. There’s a map available giving additional information about the award-winning sculpture trail and the Battery Point precinct in general.

The section of stone path at the judges box is wide and flat, indicating an easy grade walk. It’s suggested the Battery Point Sculpture Trail takes about an hour to walk in one direction. The views of the River Derwent and within Battery Point are pretty special… no doubt we’d take longer than the allocated hour, having to stop numerous times for photographs and article research. We just can’t help ourselves!

Judges Box - Sculpture Trail

Stone path: Battery Point Sculpture Trail

Judges Box - Derwent River

Wonderful view: sailing. Derwent River

Judges Box - Battery Point Hobart

Battery Point from judges box

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Map: Judges Box, Battery Point Tasmania…

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