by Lorraine McNeair

Just when you thought Latrobe could not become more interesting, June Wilson has opened a studio gallery in the main street. At the recent opening the event was well-attended, and you could be forgiven for thinking that a good part of the population was there.

June Wilson - Studio Gallery, Latrobe Tasmania

June Wilson: Studio Gallery, Latrobe Tasmania

June Wilson - Opening Night Celebrations

Opening: June Wilson’s Studio Gallery

June is a very well-known and talented pastel artist, and gives art classes in pastel painting on several days of the week and some nights. June’s paintings capture the wonderful light of Tasmania, but she has not restricted her works to just encapture Tasmania, but exhibits works from her trips to the mainland and overseas.

Sharing Studio Gallery Space

June Wilson is a very generous lady and shared her opening exhibition with friends Gerry Jensen and Richard Klekociuk.

June Wilson - Latrobe Exhibition

June Wilson shared her opening exhibition

Situated in one of the heritage buildings on the main street of Latrobe, June’s gallery is a perfect venue for displaying her soft pastels and her works with more vibrant colours. This is also where June conducts her pastel classes.

June Wilson - Teaching Pastels

June Wilson teaching pastels

June increased her repertoire during a long stay overseas, and this overseas influence can be seen in recent works. Please do not visit Latrobe without visiting June Wilson at her studio gallery at 129 Gilbert Street (next door to By the Brooke Upholstery). You will be made very welcome. You can also follow June Wilson on Facebook.

Lorraine McNeair is a volunteer with the Latrobe Information Centre. She is a writer, photographer, poet and artist, and is passionate about sharing all the interesting things she knows about Tasmania.

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Map: June Wilson Studio Gallery, Latrobe Tasmania

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