Last week, we mentioned Kangaroo Bluff in a story about Battery Point and Princes Park. As it turns out, we took a few photos at the historical site in Bellerive during a visit back in January. And surprise, surprise… here they are!

Kangaroo Bluff - Derwent River

Derwent River: Kangaroo Bluff

Kangaroo Bluff: Tasmanian History

If you like a taste of Tasmanian history without getting too in-depth about it all, you’ve come to the right place. We admitted (when we mentioned Captain James Cook in our recent Bruny Island story) that we’re no experts in the field. However, we do wish we’d paid more attention at school, and find the subject much more interesting these days.

We’re surrounded by so much history in Tasmania; that’s possibly the spark of our renewed enthusiasm. The first-hand experience just makes it seem more relevant, and real. Or maybe it’s just because we’re getting ancient ourselves!

Kangaroo Bluff - History

Bellerive: Kangaroo Bluff Battery

Scattered around Kangaroo Bluff Historic Site… information boards for the history enthusiast. In short, a report in 1873 of possible Russian warships lurking in the region prompted the long-touted defence plans. The battery was completed in October 1884 after many years of delay and much consternation about the possibility of an attack on Hobart Town by enemy forces. Not exactly a quick response to the danger, but high costs were a major factor in the delay.

Kangaroo Bluff - Historical Information

Kangaroo Bluff Battery: Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

If you don’t have the opportunity to visit in person, you can read detailed information about the Kangaroo Bluff Battery on the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife website. The service is responsible for the maintenance and management of the historic site in Bellerive.

Kangaroo Bluff - Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service: Kangaroo Bluff

Picnic by Cannons

Kangaroo Bluff is a pretty spot to visit, regardless of your level of historical interest. Many kids will love the big cannons; there’s tunnels to explore, as well as mounds of dirt and bridges. With the big shady trees, wonderful views of Hobart and surrounds and the Derwent River, it would actually make a nice location for a picnic.

Kangaroo Bluff - Bellerive

Big cannons facing Derwent River, Hobart

Kangaroo Bluff - Tunnels

Stone tunnels, concrete base

We thought it might also be a great location to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. But that’s not going to happen; the gates close at 5:00pm each day. It would be quite dangerous at Kangaroo Bluff in the dark, with a potentially nasty drop into the tunnels onto concrete.

Kangaroo Bluff - Historical Site

Kangaroo Bluff Historical Site, Bellerive

Kangaroos Play AFL in Tasmania at Bellerive

Consider this a suggestion for sporty visitors to Hobart. In summer, watch Ricky Ponting (with the Tasmanian Tigers or the Hobart Hurricanes) play cricket at Blundstone Arena in Bellerive. Or in winter, watch the North Melbourne Kangaroos play AFL footy. Grab some breakfast beforehand at Three Little Ducks, then head to Kangaroo Bluff. You can fill in extra time with a walk around this free-to-visit Tassie attraction. We’re so helpful, right?

Kangaroo Bluff - Entance Bridge

Kangaroo Bluff Battery: no dogs allowed

As always with our articles, we’re inspired to follow one story with another, and then another. All things Tasmanian… everything connected and linked;  just the way we like it. To get your story in the picture, contact Think Tasmania today.

Map: Kangaroo Bluff Battery, Bellerive Tasmania

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