This morning, I went to explore Three Little Figgs. I was intrigued by the family-owned business in Clarence Street, Howrah. They sell kids clothing in suburban Hobart, but they’ve also had great success with a recently-upgraded  online shop. Many customers seek them out from mainland Australia, with orders coming from rural Western Australia and even internationally. What’s their secret, I wondered?

Kids Clothing - Three Little Figgs, Howrah

Three Little Figgs, Howrah

Kids Clothing: Fashion and Fun

The Three Little Figgs store has a dedicated and loyal customer base, with the owners utilising Facebook to reach a wide audience to promote their kids clothing. A revamped website and ongoing word of mouth referrals have also been critical. Chalk up hard work as another essential element, ensuring the retail business could flourish in a difficult economic environment.

Stock is ordered twelve months in advance, primarily at trade shows in Melbourne. Sydney will be added to the annual travel schedule in future to make sure the best quality kids clothing is always available for the discerning clients of Three Little Figgs. Brands include Alphabet Soup, Ouch and Oishi-M.

Kids Clothing - Girls

Brand-name kids clothing

Kids Clothing - Boys

Boys: best fashions kids clothing

Three Little Figgs: Christmas Wish

Regular readers would know I’m a sucker for a good story, and the owners of Three Little Figgs have a good story to tell. On Christmas Eve in 1982, three sisters from the Figg family wished for their ideal present… a cubby. Kath, Deb and Lizzie got their wish that year, and Christmas morning dawned over a gorgeous little white house trimmed in red with the words “Three Little Figgs” painted over the door.

Kids Clothing - Three Little Figgs Cubby

Cubby house: Three Little Figgs

As sisters do, they concocted games, enjoyed picnics with their barbie dolls and played “shops” in the cubby house for hours on end. They’re still playing shop 30 years later! Together they make a great team, utilising their combined strengths. Kath has more than twenty years’ retail experience, while Deb has an eye for unique and quirky gifts thanks to countless hours of online shopping. Lizzie completes the sister trio having recently moved back to Tasmania to live.

The store is open five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday. The duties are shared between the sisters, and they also share the weekend shifts and rotate work days to mix things up. They not only work well as a family, but socialise together too, all living within a stone’s throw of each other. Mr and Mrs Figg live nearby and are credited with making the girls’ retail dreams a reality with their support and encouragement.

While Lizzie was still living on the mainland, Kath and Deb made a snap decision to buy the established kids clothing store. About two years ago, Kath was relaxing on holidays in Queensland when she received a phone call from Deb proposing the entrepreneurial venture. Deb’s husband (who also happens to be Kath’s former work colleague) owns the IGA Grocery Store in Rokeby. It seemed a logical step for the sisters to join forces and forge a retail business of their own.

Kids Clothing - Tutu

Rainbow coloured tutu

Kids Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Three Little Figgs has loads of stock to browse, but maintains room for prams between the shelves and racks. They also have a play-pen filled with colourful toys to entertain the youngsters in safety during the family’s retail therapy session. The large store windows fill the space with light, making a great showroom for the kids clothing. Random sales are promoted to make space for the arrival of new stock, some of which was being unpacked today.

Kids Clothing - Store

Room for prams to move

Kids Clothing - Toys

Kids can play with toys

Kids Clothing - Sale

Three Little Figgs: kids clothing

Previously judging only from the red and white exterior of the store, upon closer inspection I was quite surprised at the variety of products on display. Three Little Figgs specialise in kids clothing, but with Christmas fast approaching, customers would be pleased to see the range of gifts… much of it perfect for stocking-fillers and school secret-Santa missions. Think sandwich cutters, nail polish, headbands and watches, just to get started. The fairy doors are something special, and come with the cutest accessories you’ve ever seen: glitter footsteps and fairy dust. I kid you not! The Tooth Fairy should definitely shop in Howrah.

Kids Clothing - Fairy Door

Fairies: fairy door… of course!

Kids Clothing - Accessories

Beautiful accessories

Kids Clothing - Super Heroes

Gorgeous range of super heroes

Apparently, the best sellers for Three Little Figgs are the kids clothing ranges for the toddler-aged group. By that stage, children are developing their own personal fashion styles, and know what they like to wear. The store also sells clothing, accessories, shoes and gifts for boys and girls from babies up to age ten.

Kids Clothing - Shoes

Shoes make the outfit

For more information visit Three Little Figgs online or visit in person at 225 Clarence Street, Howrah. You can also follow Three Little Figgs via Facebook.

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