We posted this casual question on Facebook last Sunday… “We’re writing another unique piece about things to do with kids in Tasmania, ready for school holidays. What would you suggest?” We got such a great response, we’ve scrapped our first draft, and instead included the fabulous ideas we received from our readers. They’re listed in the order they were posted on Facebook.

Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Carousel

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Kids in Tasmania: Holiday Activities

This is certainly a popular topic. Much Internet search traffic arrives at our doorstep through terms like “things to do with kids in Tasmania“. We strive to deliver what the people want, so we’ve featured many relevant stories in the past. Some have been individual articles about activities including Go Kart Magic in Latrobe; Wild Thing Adventures in Hobart and Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs in the Huon Valley. We’ve also published several compilations that may inspire…

It must be said the suggestions in these articles are not strictly limited to kids in Tasmania. Locals and tourists all have different tastes and preferences, and there’s something here to suit everyone regardless of age or gender. Just use the website’s search function or the index pages if you’re looking for something specific.

But back to the baker’s dozen from our recent Facebook post. If thoughts about the nominations were expressed, we’ve included them as well.

1. QVMAG Launceston

We would certainly agree with this suggestion. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston has much to offer. We’ve been to the Inveresk site several times, and still have more to discover. We’d think most kids in Tasmania would enjoy the Phenomena Factory; and the Planetarium is a place we have marked as a must visit.

Things to Do in Launceston - Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

The Perception Tunnel: Phenomena Factory

2. Go Swimming

A simple but sensible suggestion, and Tasmania has plenty of options in that department. There’s the many and varied beaches around the state, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Try the Hobart Aquatic Centre or the Launceston Aquatic Centre for indoor heated pools with water-slides and diving boards.

Kids in Tasmania - Launceston Aquatic Centre

Launceston Aqautic Centre, Tasmania

3. Stanley Seaquarium

According to one reader, this is “a fun place for all the family no matter what the weather’s like”. We also have this noted on our list of places to visit, after receiving this message from the Stanley Seaquarium

Thank you for sharing the shopping in Stanley page. Did you visit us? We not only have a fascinating display of Tasmanian Sealife we also have a marine themed gift-shop and retail seafood outlet. Be sure to visit next time you’re in Stanley!

A very nice invitation to visit, and further incentive for Think Tasmania to return to Stanley again (sooner rather than later). As it happens, we’ve also had a lovely invitation from an accommodation host, but more about that another time.

Kids in Tasmania - Seal Cruise, Stanley

Seal cruises, Stanley Tasmania

4. Family-Friendly Launceston

Here’s a comprehensive list, as shared: “Some of our favs around Launceston and all FREE”…

  • Walk/ride the boardwalk along Royal Park/Seaport or along the other side of the Tamar River past Tailrace Park
  • Visit Cataract Gorge Basin for a walk/play/swim
  • Do a ride around heritage forest to the BMX track tucked away in there
  • Do a road trip day around the skate parks at Westbury, Hadspen and Longford
  • Head to Mill Dam for a BBQ and swim
Kids in Tasmania - Seaport Launceston

Board walk: Royal Park to Seaport Launceston

5. Head to St Helens: East Coast Tasmania

According to another reader, at St Helens “the fishing is fantastic and there’s plenty of jetties for the whole family to to enjoy”. We can’t argue with that. Of course, there’s the Bay of Fires nearby too, with beautiful beaches and sand dunes to explore.

Kids in Tasmania - St Helens

Fishing: east coast Tasmania, St Helens

6. Wings Wildlife Park

We’ve mentioned Wings Wildlife Park on more than one occasion. If you visit Gunns Plains ” you can camp or hire a cabin there as well”. If you’re looking for a wildlife experience in another Tasmanian town or region, you could try…

Just to name a few!

Tasmanian Devil Photos - Baby Tasmanian Devil

Baby Tasmanian Devil: Wings Wildlife Park

7. Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

This one is near Sheffield and the international rowing course at Lake Barrington, also a good spot for fishing. Our reader says of Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot “great maze and pancake parlour amazing!!” and we couldn’t agree more.

Kids in Tasmania - Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot

8. Enchanted Pony Parties

Here’s a totally new one for us! We’d not heard about this unique experience beforehand. Apparently at “sunny South Arm you can learn all about horses: groom them, love them and ride them”. Considering a recent request for holiday itinerary ideas from a family with two young girls, we’ve already taken action. We’ll be visiting Enchanted Pony Parties during the school holidays to see just what kids in Tasmania can expect from their own equine adventure south of Hobart.

9. Don’t Forget: Adventure Forests

How could we forget the opportunity to explore the Adventure Forests in Tasmania? There’s several activities to choose from, and you’ll find them in every direction…

10. MONA

Says another reader about MONA: “it’s free* and the staff will guide you away from any confronting displays. Kids in Tasmania will love the technology of the O device and mine love the Patrick Hall ‘I Love You Cabinets’ and the Madonna room”. If your kids love a boat ride, you could extend the outing by catching a ferry from the Hobart wharf.

11. Waterfall Walks for Kids in Tasmania

This idea would be applicable all over the state, but this particular reader nominated waterfalls near Hobart: “Snug Falls, easy 30 minutes each way, or Pelverata Falls, an hour each way. Both should be roaring these holidays”.

12. Brickendon at Longford

Some kids in Tasmania may appreciate a little history lesson in the school holidays. We did write a feature about touring four historic houses in the Launceston region. One of the estates mentioned was Brickendon.

Kids in Tasmania - Brickendon, Longford

Main house: Brickendon, Longford (photo by Dan Fellow)

13. A Free Drawing Festival

And last, but certainly not least, we’re a bit partial to this idea (and when you see the name you’ll know why). The thiNK | BIG DRAW drawing festival is billed as suitable for “all ages with specific ages on specific days”. See all the details online.

A big thank-you to everyone for contributions regarding the activities that kids in Tasmania might enjoy. This article could not have happened without you! If you have further ideas to suggest, feel free to leave a reply below to share with everyone.

*MONA is free for Tasmanian residents only.