Roz MacAllen brought the Kiss a Fish Cookery School to Triabunna for Seafest last weekend. And Think Tasmania was lucky enough to join the class for some outstanding lessons in seafood preparation.

Kiss a Fish Cookery School - Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cakes, sweet chilli sauce

Seafest Triabunna: Kiss a Fish Cookery School

On Saturday, Tania roamed the Marina and snapped some of the Seafest highlights, as well as the town’s general attractions. We’ll have more to share about those things later. Meanwhile, I pulled up a chair in the front row of the Rec Room at Triabunna’s old Council Offices on the corner of Vicary and Henry Streets… just a hop, skip and jump from the waterfront.

Kiss a Fish Cookery School - Oysters

Oysters: cookery class

After a thoroughly enjoyable morning in class, I’m now equipped with the knowledge and recipes to prepare Thai-style seafood delights at home. I was even shown how to shuck an oyster correctly, so I don’t lose any fingers!

Kiss a Fish Cookery School - Oysters

Kiss a Fish Cookery School: tasting plates

The tastings were all amazing; reviewing the photos makes me keen to follow-up with more lessons in St Helens, the home of Kiss a Fish Cookery School. Roz MacAllen is an inspiring teacher and she has an accomplished team; they’re also very pleasant people to be spending time with. We’re chalking this up as another fabulous foodie experience for Tasmania.

Kiss a Fish Cookery School - Oysters with Smoked Salmon

Students are provided with recipes

The writer was a guest of Seafest (Glamorgan Spring Bay Council) and Kiss a Fish Cookery School in Triabunna.

Kiss a Fish Cookery School - Salmon Ceviche

Thai-style Salmon Ceviche

Kiss a Fish Cookery School is located at 34 Treloggen Drive, Binalong Bay (near St Helens). Phone 0418 433 667 for details or follow Kiss a Fish Cookery School on Facebook.

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