Folding herself back to health. That is how Sarai Lawson describes herself and how she started on the road to recovery by specialising in Kusudama.

Kusudama - Local Papers

Sarai Lawson: Kusudama creations (photo supplied)

Kusudama: Folds of Beauty

by Kathryn Heathcote

Sarai, a Tassie girl, lives with her husband and Tesla the Miniature Lop Rabbit in Launceston. She is currently undertaking a degree to become qualified in two professions as a Teacher Librarian.

Kusudama - Miniature Lop Rabbit

Tesla the Miniature Lop Rabbit (photo supplied)

Kusudama: Japanese Origami Art

A form of origami, Kusudama is an ancient Japanese art which quite simply means to fold. But forget origami as you know it; this is not about making boxes and cubes. Kusudama takes folding to a whole new skill level.

Sourcing all her papers locally, Sarai creates custom-made wedding bouquets, single flowers, cake toppers, hair pieces and earrings. Sarai started by making lilies and quickly progressed to wedding work.

Kusudama - Hairpiece

Arranged flowers (photo supplied)

Wedding Flowers and Cake Toppers

A Kusudama wedding bouquet requires your thoughts to move away from the conventional to something totally unique and personal, but also very unusual. Each wedding bouquet is custom made.

Kusudama - Flower Bouquet

Kusudama papers (photo supplied)

This wedding bouquet was made with comics from the Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Graphic Novel. The headdress (not shown) was made to match.

Kusudama - Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet: Kusudama (photo supplied)

Each bouquet takes around five or more hours to make. Considering the amount of work that goes into each one, pieces made by Sarai are priced very reasonably. This wedding cake topper had the couples’ names added.

Kusudama - Cake Topper

Unique cake topper (photo supplied)

Anniversaries and Mementos

Each petal is folded several times to make the paper stiff and there appears to be no restrictions as to what paper can be used. Imagine a page from your wedding invitation mixed in with your bouquet, or your favourite piece of music folded into your hair piece; love letters made into flowers for your silver, ruby or golden wedding anniversary.

Kusudama - Sheet Music

Special sheet music: Kusudama (photo supplied)

Christmas decorations made from the sheet music of the song that was top of the charts on the day your baby was born, or one of the congratulations cards you received. Sarai’s creations are only limited by your imagination.

Kusudama - Ancient Japanese Art

Kusudama: ancient Japanese art (photo supplied)

Contact Sarai Lawson

Sarai Lawson can be contacted by phone: 0403 861 411. You can also follow Sarai and her Kusudama page on Facebook or see her Kusudama creations online.

Kathryn Heathcote from Evandale won tickets to the Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show by entering one of our giveaway opportunities, then offered to write a review of the show. She has also had several other articles published: a showcase of her Cradle Mountain Snow photos; a story about the theatre production titled There Goes the Neighbourhood; a review of her family’s visit to the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre and a story about an evening at Royal Park in Launceston for New Year.