Want to fish in a lake on your way around the west coast of Tasmania? There’s magnificent lakes as well as tranquil streams, swirling mountain rivers and deserted beaches to choose from. The one thing they all have in common? Fish… and plenty of them!

Lake - Big Brown Trout Fishing

Mike Fry: brown trout (photo supplied)

Lake: Fishing in Tasmania

by Mike Fry

The many rivers, streams and lakes have good stocks of rainbow and wild brown trout waiting for you to cast a tempting fly or attractive lure in front of them. A simple Inland Fisheries Licence is all that is required and most tourism destinations have fishing gear to hire if you have left yours at home. For the serious fly fisherman, Tasmanian Guides and Lodges can furnish you with a guide as well to take you to those secret places known only to a few locals.

Lake - Fly Fisherman

Fly fishermen: west coast (photo supplied)

Lake Burbury and Lake Plimsoll

On the west coast, Lake Burbury is open all year with plenty of accessible shorelines as is the case with most lakes, rivers and streams. Lake Plimsoll is stocked with brook trout which can prove elusive but good for early season fishers.

Lake Rosebery, Lake MacIntosh and Lake Pieman

Lake Rosebery at Tullah is an underrated water with some very big fish; Lake MacIntosh is close by and Lake Pieman holds some excellent specimens. Fishing below the Reece Dam during the whitebait season can be quite phenomenal as can the Henty and Little Henty Rivers. The Pieman and Arthur rivers have seen some brilliant fishing but boats are best to make the most of these great fishing rivers. Staying at Corinna is also a great option.

Fishing in Strahan

Strahan offers harbour, river and ocean fishing with charter boats available. Within the harbour there are a number of boat ramps, jetties and wharves where a line can be cast. The Shack hires out rods with a good stock of tackle and bait. The harbour contains many escapees from fish farms as well as native species of cod, Australian salmon and flathead to name but a few.

Tasmanian trout, both resident and sea runner brown, can be found in the harbour and Gordon River with large specimens regularly caught. The Henty River is accessible by four wheel drive from Strahan and the Little Henty River from Zeehan and then to Trial Harbour. Recently the Little Henty has been fishing remarkably well during the whitebait season around October and November.

Macquarie Heads Tasmania

Macquarie Heads: west coast Tasmania (photo supplied)

Offshore there are good catches of stripey trumpeter, morwong, shark and southern ocean rock lobster to be had if you have a local to show you the way. Take care if you bring your own boat as these waters are unforgiving. Always pay close attention to weather reports and the advice of locals. The rewards however are some of the best fishing you will ever do.

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Mike Fry represents tourism group Discover Strahan and Carolyn Nissen is the chairperson of Tasmania’s West Coast tourism organisation. Together they are owners and hosts of Ormiston House Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Strahan. Article and photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Mike Fry.

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