When you first walk through the door of the Latrobe Fine Art Gallery you are embraced by a world of vibrant colours and soft hues.

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery - A Stormy Day in Stanley by Beverley Skurulis

Stormy Day in Stanley by Beverley Skurulis (photo supplied)

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery, Tasmania

by Lorraine McNeair

The glassware (in jewellery and decorative objects) is amazingly bright or softly subdued. The paintings on the wall are diverse, including those by owner Beverley Skurulis, whose unique paintings are displayed along with work by other Tasmanian artists.

Interesting History and Art in Latrobe

Indeed, all of the wonderful art objects in this gallery are Tasmanian. The building in which the Latrobe Fine Art Gallery is situated at 41-41a Gilbert Street has an interesting history, having been used by many different occupants. The building is C1865 and has been Nathan’s Store and residence, the Mistletoe Lodge (United Order of Druids), a photographic studio, a public hall, a bank, a post office and a place for band practice.

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery - 41 Gilbert Street, Latrobe

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery (photo supplied)

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery - Glass Jewellery

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery: jewellery (photo suplied)

As well as the building’s history being extremely interesting, you will find Beverley Skurulis a very interesting lady. You will leave the Latrobe Fine Art Gallery enriched by the experience.

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery has a website with information about the artwork and a store with items for sale. For more information phone: 036426 2931 or 0407 581 796.

Prior to publishing Lorraine’s article, we’d received a message from Penny Skurulis-Winter inviting us to visit.

She’d been following Think Tasmania on Facebook for a while and looked forward to reading about where we’d been. She was wondering if we’d like to drop into the Latrobe Fine Art Gallery at 41 Gilbert Street at some stage. The business (housed in a renovated 1864 property) has been used for the town hall, a photographic studio, a bank, a bric-a-brac shop and now an exclusively Tasmanian wares gallery.

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery - Penny Skurulis-Winter

Jewellery by Penny Skurulis-Winter (photo suplied)

We appreciate all the support and requests we receive from our readers and followers, and do try to cover as much territory as humanly possible. Given Think Tasmania is an independent and fully self-funded website, we have to coordinate times and a budget for travel.

We were able to expedite this article when Lorraine volunteered to research and report back about places in and around her home town of Latrobe.

Latrobe Fine Art Gallery - Colourful Glass Jewellery

Jewellery: Latrobe Fine Art Gallery (photo suplied)

Lorraine McNeair is a volunteer with the Latrobe Information Centre. She is a writer, photographer, poet and artist, and is passionate about sharing all the interesting things she knows about Tasmania.

Map: Latrobe Fine Art Gallery, Latrobe Tasmania

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