Introducing: Launceston Indoor Sports Arena

LISA (or the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena) has been the focus of our attention recently. We’ve been spending a lot of time with LISA, so we thought we’d best introduce her to you! And I thought you might like a quick tour of the big stadium shed in the northern Tasmanian city of Launceston.

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena - Entrance

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena – Entrance

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena & Tennis Stadium

The land adjacent to the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena is currently undergoing a huge extension that will result in a dozen or so extra tennis courts. LISA will then be able to host more players during Tennis Tasmania’s regular tournament schedule.

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena - Tennis

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena – Tennis

LISA Soccer Competition

Already sporting five synthetic grass courts and one hard court indoors, LISA has a great viewing mezzanine for spectators. Besides tennis, the indoor surface is suitable for soccer and hockey, providing for all-weather competition.

Cafe Service

With a lovely cafe (that serves good coffee and light meals), the downstairs area includes comfortable seating and big screen televisions to pass the time between matches. The staff are friendly, always ready to help with a smile and a chat.

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena - Cafe

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena downstairs cafe

Launceston Mini Golf

And if you travel to Launceston and you’re looking for a little light sporting entertainment, the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena is also the place to head for mini golf. Costing $10 a round, golfers of any standard can hire a club and a ball and make their way around the course.

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena - Mini Golf

Launceston Indoor Sports Arena – Mini Golf

So that’s our take on LISA – already a good facility, but still improving.

LISA - Outdoor Mini Golf

LISA – Outdoor Mini Golf

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