Following on from a recent article published on behalf of Michelle, asking whether her family should move to Launceston or Hobart, we’ve had another similar enquiry. We posted this one to our Facebook page last night, just to share the love around.

Launceston or Hobart - City Park

City Park, Launceston (photo by Carol Haberle)

Moving: Launceston or Hobart Tasmania?

We do know many of our readers don’t use social media, so we’re sharing the resulting feedback here too. It wasn’t exactly what we planned to do today, but we think you’ll be quite interested in what our Facebook followers had to say. And the extra effort on our behalf is well worth it, to keep everyone in the loop. Although we must admit, blanking out surnames from the screenshots of Facebook for privacy reasons was quite time-consuming. Why must we always feel so compelled to do the right thing!!??!!

Here’s a copy of the question we posted on Facebook for Frances, about moving to Tasmania and living in either Launceston or Hobart.

It’s 6pm (forum o’clock) and Frances would like to know…

My husband & I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand six months ago. Long story short, we don’t like it. We really miss the quiet lifestyle and green of New Zealand, so we’re going to move to ‎Tasmania‬!

We are planning to move in December/January. Our dilemma is… ‪‎Launceston‬ or ‪Hobart‬???

My husband is a carpet layer so we would need to consider work. I also want to be in a place without too many neighbours; semi rural, but close to a beach etc. We don’t mind driving into town for work, shopping etc.

Can you give us any advice please?

Thank you, Frances

Launceston or Hobart - Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Hobart (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Thanks to Think Tasmania Readers…

Can we give you any advice, Frances? Yes. We. Can. Lots of it, in fact. Information coming to you in all shapes and sizes. We’re so impressed that our readers are so polite and considerate, too. The “Launceston or Hobart” issue can sometimes raise a volatile debate between overtly-passionate northerners and southerners. We’ve always said Think Tasmania readers are the best!

Launceston or Hobart - Tasmania

The conversation begins on Facebook…

Launceston or Hobart - Tasmania

…and ideas about Launceston or Hobart continue.

Launceston or Hobart - Tasmania

Comments keep coming: Think Tasmania readers.

Launceston or Hobart - Tasmania

More suggestions: moving to Tasmania

Launceston or Hobart - Tasmania

Launceston or Hobart Tasmania

There’s much food for thought here, including some helpful opinions about considering the north west coast when contemplating a move to Tasmania.

The Facebook discussion will remain open, and it’s more than likely further comments will be added in the future. Feel free to leave a comment there, or here on the website. We’ll link back to this article from the social media feed.

Launceston or Hobart - Northern Tasmania

Launceston Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Move to Tasmania

To Frances, Michelle and everyone else planning a sea-change, tree-change or climate-change, we wish you the very best of luck. With so many fabulous regions and towns in Tasmania, we understand it’s just so difficult to choose one. Hopefully the right place will reach out and grab you eventually. Check out the articles we’ve already published. Maybe reading what we’ve shared about Launceston or Hobart may help you decide.

Launceston or Hobart - Battery Point Sculpture Trail

Hobart Tasmania

We’d also like to remind you that Geoff Williams and his team of brokers from Advance Removals sponsor Think Tasmania. Along with all our other supporters, clients and members… they’re the reason we’re able to continue providing this information to you, our readers. It would be really nice if you could ask them to quote for your move. Thanks.

Map: Launceston or Hobart, Tasmania…

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