Legerwood… how did we end up there? It was the school holidays; an opportunity to get away for a while with the teenagers. That’s a great idea. Isn’t it?

Legerwood - from Bridport Tasmania

Legerwood: north east Tasmania (photo by Gina Scott)

School Holidays in Tasmania: Legerwood

by Gina Scott

We loaded up the Travelways, UBD maps, thermos, cameras, hair straightener, MP3, iPod, three mobile phones, assorted coats, hats, scarves and boots. Off we go, just Mum and two teenagers! Let’s not make any definite plans; let’s just go where we like. Stay where we like. No timetable. But we’ve only got five days.

Daughter: I would like to do a ghost tour at Port Arthur.

Mum: Are you sure about that?

Daughter: Oh yes!

Mum:What about you, mate?

Son: Not particularly interested in seeing or doing anything. Except getting to a music store to purchase new drum sticks.

Mum: Well that’s an easy demand list isn’t it? That means I get to choose all the things to do in between!

Legerwood - WW1 Avenue of Remembrance

WW1 Avenue of Remembrance: Legerwood (photo by Gina Scott)

Bridport to Legerwood, Avenue of Remembrance

So we set off from Bridport in North East Tasmania, and our first stop was the Legerwood tree carvings. The stories are very interesting. After the First World War, an avenue of trees was planted in remembrance of those from the Tasmanian town who had died. The trees became very old and dangerous so had to be cut down.

OH BUT what about the avenue of remembrance, the people cried? Eddie Freeman (a very talented chainsaw sculptor in Tasmania) was commissioned by the local committee to carve the trees into the people to be remembered. And what a fantastic job he has done.

Legerwood - Carvings by Eddie Freeman

Carvings by Eddie Freeman (photo by Gina Scott)

Many visitors to Tasmania take the short detour off the A3 and take a break to visit the beautiful park in Legerwood. Here you’ll find CLEAN toilets (a very important factor), picnic tables and a sheltered gas BBQ facility.  Legerwood was once a railway stop on the way to Pioneer, so the local development committee decided to make the stop look like the railway station. How cool is that?

Legerwood - Station Park

Legerwood: former railway stop (photo supplied)

You can spend a long time here reading all the interesting history and stories about the locals. Travel and holidays: it’s all about discovering what makes a place tick! In part two of this north east Tasmanian road trip, we discover Ralphs Falls, St Columba Falls & Pyengana Dairy.

Gina Scott is the owner of Platypus Park Country Retreat in Bridport Tasmania.

Map: Legerwood, North East Tasmania

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