When we asked Carol Haberle to nominate a charity for Think Tasmania to support this month, she chose the Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania with good reason. We thank her for sharing her personal journey as a cancer patient with our readers last week.

Leukaemia Foundation - Carol Haberle

Carol Haberle: Mt Paris Dam, north east Tasmania

Leukaemia Foundation Tasmania

Before forging ahead with the plan, we spoke with Graeme Petterd, Executive Officer of the David Collins Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania to discuss the idea and of course, request their permission. Graeme was pleased for the organisation to feature on our website and social media channels, and to share photos and this quote from their own website…

The David Collins Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania Inc. is a Tasmanian organisation dedicated solely to the cure and care of Tasmanians living with leukaemia, lymphoma and related blood disorders. Since 1980, the Foundation has provided hundreds of patients and their families with care and support through their leukaemia journey, funded research for improvements to treatment and awarded scholarships for professional development of medical staff in Tasmania.

About David Collins

In 1979, when the late David Collins was diagnosed with the disease, no official Tasmanian organisation yet existed to raise funds for leukaemia research or patient support. During his treatment and as his cancer progressed, David Collins proposed the need to establish a dedicated group. Friends and family committed their time and effort voluntarily to the cause.

The charity (also known as the Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania) was launched in March 1980, and has since raised $3.6 million with all funds remaining in Tasmania. Money is donated to the cancer wards of Tasmanian hospitals; used to purchase equipment for patient care and to maintain a unit in Lutana to accommodate patients and their families during treatment.

A new website and social media presence will be established for the foundation in 2014, and we’ll keep you updated with news of the progress. Images supplied by Graeme Petterd, Executive Officer of the David Collins Leukaemia Foundation of Tasmania.

Leukaemia Foundation of Australia

Graeme Petterd was quick to acknowledge the work of the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, especially in regards to the wonderful care and assistance given to Carol Haberle. They too raise funds and awareness for research, equipment, care and support, working with patients Australia-wide (including those in Tasmania).