I have a thing for lighthouses. I also have a thing for beautiful pictures. I’m guessing neither of these “things” makes me very unique.

Lighthouses - Tasmania

Lighthouses: photography Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

There’s Just Something About Lighthouses

photos by Dan Fellow

Whenever we have the chance here at Think Tasmania to share professional photographs captured by Dan Fellow, we relish the opportunity. Especially when those images feature one of our all-time favourite subjects.

There’s something majestic about lighthouses, don’t you agree? Whether you’re gazing far into the distance or staring skyward right up close, they act as more than just a beacon of light for boats in the night.

Lighthouses - Eddystone

Eddystone Point Lighthouse: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - North East Tasmania

Eddystone Point Lighthouse (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dan’s photos have actually inspired thoughts of a series. We’ve already published a feature story about Cape Bruny Lighthouse, but we should investigate more of these beauties individually. Yes… let’s do that. It’ll be fun.

Lighthouses - Tasmania Photos

Lighthouses: photography in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - She Oak Point

She Oak Point Lighthouse (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - Cape Sorell

Cape Sorell lighthouse (photo by Dan Fellow)

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Check List of Lighthouses

When Dan compiled this collection showcasing lighthouses, he did admit there were probably a few (at least) omitted. Tasmania is an island after all… that means a lot of coastline, much of it rugged and hazardous for sailors.

Lighthouses - Mersey Bluff

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse: Devonport (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - Low Head

Low Head Lighthouse: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - Hells Gate

Hells Gate: Tasmanian west coast (photo by Dan Fellow)

Perhaps we should call for images and information from our fabulous community of readers? We can’t be the only ones intrigued by lighthouses. Can we?

Not long ago, the managers of the Table Cape Lighthouse in the state’s north west were seeking a new operator to conduct tours. Hopefully they’ve found someone suitable, because it’s a stunning location overlooking not only the beautiful coastline, but also Tasmania’s prized tulip fields. No doubt social media will soon be awash with images presenting the flowering tulips with a perfectly-placed lighthouse in the background.

Lighthouses - Table Cape

Table Cape Lighthouse (photo by Dan Fellow)

Popular Subjects and Secrets Too

Just like our series of rainbow photos, we predict this subject will be similarly popular. Some lighthouses are regularly snapped. Others are less famous, perhaps because they’re not quite so easily accessed. What do you think… what’s the most and least “popular” of all the lighthouses in Tasmania?

Lighthouses - Devonport

Devonport Lighthouse (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lighthouses - Freycinet

Cape Tourville Lighthouse: (photo by Dan Fellow)

Should you have something to contribute to this conversation about lighthouses, either leave a reply below for everyone to see or contact Think Tasmania. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, please enjoy these wonderful images from the lens of Dan Fellow.

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