We ventured to Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe after our treetops adventure at Hollybank. Nothing unusual about grabbing a drink or a bite to eat after an outing with a group of friends. What was unusual however, was the combination of beers and pies… and we weren’t even at a footy match!

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe - Pies & Cakes

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe: Open for Business

The first point I’d like to make is this: we arrived at about 4pm. Now it’s not unusual for Tasmanian business owners to close their doors at about that hour. And it soon became apparent that the staff at the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe had been preparing to leave for the day. But they welcomed us with open arms, and served us with a real smile (not the forced sort, when someone has had to grit their teeth).

Our large group managed to clean up the last of their available pies and cakes in a flurry. And they were good. The pies were hot and fresh and they gave us tomato sauce for free! And the cakes were cheap. Not in a nasty kind of way; but in a “pay a reasonable price for a decent product” kind of way.

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe - Muffins

Fresh muffins (photo by Dan Fellow)

Although we all thought it was a strange combination, the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe did the trick for us. The adults bought a few beers from the pub section and the kids were more than happy with their lot. In fact, if we’d arrived earlier, we would have racked up the pool table and played a few rounds as well.

Adding yet another string to their bow, the business also provides a budget option for accommodation in north east Tasmania. I can’t verify the quality of that part of the business, though. I’m only aware of the accommodation option, because I include a link to a relevant website in each article, offering extra information to readers. When I searched for a website for the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe, I couldn’t find one. But I did find a website listing the business for sale, showing the units.

Home of the Painted Poles

The small township of Lilydale is sometimes known as the “Home of the Painted Poles”. Settled in the 1860s, the town has a population of about 350, including potters, craftspeople and artists. Some of those artists have painted the power poles, hence the slogan. A naturally beautiful region, the main industries include agriculture and viticulture.

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe - Home of the Painted Poles

Quirky Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lilydale is about 30kms from Launceston; 50kms from Bridport and 40kms from Scottsdale. It’s also close to Bridestowe Lavender Estate and several vineyards including Pipers Brook Vineyard.

And as I mentioned earlier, it’s only five minutes from the Hollybank Forest Reserve, where you can fly through the treetops.

The town boasts several other assets and things to do besides the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe

Lilydale Attractions: Reasons to Visit

You can visit two small waterfalls at the Lilydale Falls Reserve. A comfortable stroll from Lilydale Park will have you bushwalking in rainforest or you can just enjoy a picnic with some of those Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe goodies!

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe - Lilydale Falls

Lilydale Falls (photo by Dan Fellow)

Now privately owned, the William Alexander George Walker Rhododendron Reserve has exotic trees and shrubs up to 60 years old.

Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe - Rhododendron Gardens

William Alexander George Walker Gardens (photo by Dan Fellow)

Mount Arthur is one of the state’s highest peaks, and provides a lovely scenic backdrop to the township of Lilydale. If you’re energetic, you can take the three-hour trek to the summit giving magnificent views over the valley. If you do that, you would have definitely earned yourself some Tasmanian gelati back at the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe!

Images were supplied by professional tourism photographer and Think Tasmania team guy, Dan Fellow of Tasmania Photos

Map: Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe

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