We’ve been debating. Which talented makers and designers from Flourish Handmade Market should we feature next on the website? The most recent story in this series (detailing work by Brooke Archer of Bee’s Tees and the brand new Hive Market) was published a fortnight ago. Time has been marching on while we’ve been dilly-dallying… there’s just such an amazing wealth of Tasmanian artisans.

Little Lissa Loo - Monique Boost

Monique Boost: Little Lissa Loo (photo supplied)

Then Monique Boost from Little Lissa Loo made contact with Think Tasmania and we were saved from our own indecision! She said…

I met you at Flourish Handmade Market and have been keeping up to date with your news. I love your website; it gives me great ideas for things to do with the family! Anyway, here’s the reason I’m writing to you. I was wondering if you’d be interested in a giveaway from Little Lissa Loo, my little home business. I have just reached 300 likers on Facebook and with spring approaching, I thought one of my very popular sun hats might make an appropriate prize for your readers.
~ Cheers, Monique

Several other Flourish Handmade Market stallholders have offered Think Tasmania reader giveaways, and their stories will also be published in coming weeks. Monique, however, was the first to touch base and follow up with prize details and photographs to accompany, so her efficiency shall not go unrewarded.

Little Lissa Loo: Creative Boost

Monique Boost lives and makes at home in Carlton River, a beautiful region to the east of Hobart in southern Tasmania. She has a busy household, with an “awesome” husband and four children ranging in age from 22 months to 16. Her eldest child suffered a chronic illness several years ago and as a result spent long periods of time in hospital.

The family’s dire situation did have a silver lining though. The hospital stay allowed Monique the time and opportunity to reconnect with creativity. Upon returning home and with encouragement from friends and family, Monique started Little Lissa Loo, selling her craft via Facebook and at local markets. She refers to Little Lissa Loo as her “fifth baby” creating children’s clothing (reversible dresses and overalls are popular), sun hats, beanies and snoods, hair clips and toys including the classic hobby horse.

Little Lissa Loo - Hobby Horse

Hobby horses handmade by Monique Boost (photo supplied)

While family (the human variety!) is still the most important thing in Monique’s life, she also loves to create and make things. Using bright and natural colours in her work, Little Lissa Loo incorporate many creative design ideas. Involving customers in the process, with choices of fabrics and styles, results in unique products that are much loved.

Monique Boost: Customers and Community

Monique loves to work on new and interesting designs, helping customers bring their own ideas to fruition. She has been overwhelmed by the support of the Tasmanian and interstate community, with continuous orders arriving via Facebook and her retail stockists around the state of Tasmania. Monique also works to support many cancer-related fundraisers as a cause very close to her heart.

Over the summer season, Little Lissa Loo will be attending a range of markets…

Dates and details for each market will be posted on Monique’s Facebook page. Other Tasmanian stockists include Down To Earth in Dodges Ferry; Southern Furniture Design in Geeveston; Beauty at the Edge in Bellerive and Ruby’s Room in Hobart.

What more can we say? Just one thing, and that’s stay tuned for the Little Lissa Loo Sun Hat Giveaway. It’s firmly scheduled for publication on the Think Tasmania website during the month of September.

For more information follow Little Lissa Loo on Facebook, contact Monique Boost via email or phone 0419 657 451.

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