This one is for local people. By that, I mean Tasmanians. You may have lived here all your life; or you may have moved here in the last three months. You may have lived here during a previous episode in your life. We’d even be interested in hearing from people who are thinking about living in Tasmania. And here’s why…

Marie wrote to commend our friendly, warm site: “so enjoyable to browse through”. She discovered the website while researching Tasmania because she’s thinking about relocating her family from Ireland.

She was wondering if it was possible to have a page where local people could answer questions from people looking to relocate. She felt the internet could provide so much information (often overwhelming) but nothing could equal the first hand knowledge of local people.

Local People Helping Others

Readers contact us all the time, looking for information or touching base about something they’ve read on the website. Some of them are thinking about moving to Tasmania to live. You might remember the story of arty pair Kym and Sarah, who received a great deal of feedback from readers sharing their thoughts about Tasmania.

Every family has a different set of circumstances, so we found out a little more about this one. Here’s a list of things that are relevant…

  • The family consists of Mum, Dad and a four-year-old
  • Dad is an industrial electrician
  • Mum works part-time as a systems administrator for a local authority
  • Quality of life and a secure future for the family is paramount
  • Mum likes the idea of living on an island, which is why they are looking at Tasmania in preference to other Australian states
  • They love the Irish climate, including winter (so the cold and rain don’t phase them) and really can’t tolerate very hot weather
  • Living somewhere near the coast or a river would be ideal
  • They need a location that is quiet, peaceful and safe but also has decent facilities for children
  • In a perfect world, they would have a house with a granny flat and a yard for a dog
  • Like most boys, the son likes to ride and run and kick a ball; climb trees, explore, feed ducks and discover animals and wildlife
  • A choice of good quality food is an essential part of life
  • Fast Internet coverage to Skype home would be a requirement

Move to Tasmania… Why Not?

That might seem like a pretty long list of priorities. But personally, we don’t see any of them providing too many hurdles to living a wonderful life in Tasmania. Do you? We know that local people love to show off their own state, and we like the idea of networking and offering a helping hand. So this is just a starting point, and we’ll see where it leads us. If you’d like to offer assistance, just let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this article.

Of course, we must point out that any opinions provided here are just that… personal thoughts and ideas. You are at liberty to make up your own minds, of course.

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