It’s time to officially introduce Lorraine McNeair! We’ve already explained how Lorraine first contacted Think Tasmania about Reliquaire and other places of interest in Latrobe. Since then, she’s written guest articles for us, and has now decided to join our great team of regular contributors.

Lorraine McNeair - Reliquaire Latrobe

Reliquaire, Latrobe

Who is Lorraine McNeair?

I am an older woman, a poet, short story writer, photographer, artist and I live on the beautiful, fertile, north west coast of Tasmania. I was born in Victoria but we moved to Tasmania when I was about four years old. I am married to Dale, and we have four grown-up daughters, ten grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Lorraine McNeair - Think Tasmania Team

Lorraine McNeair (photo supplied)

My husband and I spend our spare time driving around Tasmania, enjoying finding little gems which have been previously unknown to us. And we are still finding them! I am absolutely passionate about Tasmania. It is such a beautiful place to live and work. As a photographer and artist I am always “snapping” wonderful views for later use, whether they be landscapes or even what is under my feet. I enjoy writing these articles because it helps me to remember the wonders I have seen, and it stops me from becoming complacent about what is right under my nose.

As a volunteer with the Latrobe Information Centre it gives me great pleasure to talk with visitors to our wonderful island and to hear them exclaim about their wonderful visit to Tasmania. Once upon a time visitors would stay only for a week or so, but now some of them stay for months, and return each year to experience more of Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Lorraine McNeair - Latrobe Platypus

Latrobe VIC (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lorraine is full of good ideas, and promises to promote her immediate region, as well as the broader Tasmanian community. As a tourist information volunteer, she is well-placed to write about the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame; Bell’s Parade, Warrawee and the two Sunday markets held in Latrobe. There’s also a plan in place for Lorraine to visit the Deloraine Folk Museum and Yarns Artwork in Silk exhibition.

Yarns Artwork in Silk - Summer

Yarns Artwork in Silk (photo by Carol Haberle)

It’s obvious from our experience so far, that she’ll make a fabulous contributor and will be another essential member of our great team. Welcome aboard Lorraine, and thanks for joining us! We feel so blessed to have a network of clever, creative people around us. All have their own individual passions, while also being great advocates for Tasmania.

Articles by Lorraine McNeair