We have the occasional whinge about social media, just like everyone else on the planet. But mostly we love it. Hearing Mel Irons talk about the power of the Tassie Fires – We Can Help page at a business function this week, has renewed our enthusiasm. Which is a really good thing for someone working in content creation! So today we give you… five things we love about Facebook.

Love About Facebook - Think Tasmania

Here’s what we love about Facebook

Love About Facebook? You’re Kidding!

So Facebook has an annoying habit of changing things around just when we get comfortable. It happens all the time. We don’t love having our Newsfeed clogged up with the “likes” of pages we follow, for example. That’s an on-again-off-again issue. We do want to see what the pages we follow post, but not which posts other pages like. Follow? Never mind, it’s not important.

Here’s what is important. Accepting a few annoying habits… that’s just the price we have to pay for using Facebook. And that leads to the very first thing we love about Facebook.

1. Facebook Is Free

Unless you pay someone to manage your business page (*waves hello!) you can use Facebook for free. That’s right, there’s no sign-up fee or monthly subscription cost… it’s completely free. Why do we all complain so much about something that’s free? Choose not to use Facebook; choose to use other forms of social media… but at the end of the day, you get a whole lot of value from Facebook without paying a single cent. Unless you choose to, of course.

2. Schedule in Advance

When this feature was introduced, I did a happy dance around the room. No longer was I committed to return to my PC, iPad or iPhone at politely-spaced intervals during the day and night to post updates to Facebook for clients. It’s bad form to post more than one status at a time, so you can’t just bung up everything you need or want to share in one sitting and then go out. But now I can go out (hello Day Spa!) safe in the knowledge that all my riveting content has been scheduled for timely distribution, and no-one is the wiser. About me being out at the day spa, that is. It might mean I start work earlier and finish later, but at least I can conduct a “research mission” in peace in between times.

3. Posting as Pages

I can now comment, like or share a status or photo using a business page identity from my personal profile. That’s another thing I love about Facebook, and a relatively new introduction. When you have a gazillion pages (ok, maybe not quite that many) to manage, you need social media to be uncomplicated. Previously, when scrolling through my Newsfeed discovering brilliant content, I would need to constantly switch users. Now I can just be me, and blaze away with gay abandon while still acting on behalf of the appropriate page.

4. Instagram to Facebook

While we are explaining what we love about Facebook right now, we do also love other forms of social media. Instagram is great, we love Instagram too. And when we share photos from Think Tasmania’s Instagram account to our Facebook account, the images transfer as actual images. Sharing from Instagram to Twitter results in a link, and links aren’t nearly as pretty as images, are they? No, they’re not.

5. Facebook is Fun

We love being able to communicate with other business owners on the fly. Networking at real-world meetings is great too, but now we can offer encouragement and support instantaneously. Colleagues, competition and customers alike… they’re all there on Facebook ready and waiting for interaction. Are they humourous? Do they love dogs? What food do they like? Would they be someone to like in person?

The social interaction with such a broad range of people (and you can’t possibly have met them ALL in person before) undoubtedly makes life more interesting. We don’t have to hard-sell anything; we just enjoy the experience. And that’s the main thing we love about Facebook.

Love About Facebook - Photos

Photos: that’s to love about Facebook

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