Love and hugs. That was the oft-used signature of our dear Carol, who left this world on Friday morning. We’ve remained silent across all channels at Think Tasmania since we heard the devastating news, not really knowing how to express our sense of loss. However, a single moment of silence, even an extended one, was never going to be a significant reflection of our respect for Carol. As this website’s greatest advocate, and that of Tasmania in general, her wish was always for more words, not less. So when one of her dearest friends asked us to publish a tribute, we sought the family’s blessing to do so.

Love and Hugs - Carol Haberle

Carol Haberle: embracing Tasmanian outdoors

Love and Hugs for Carol

After wiping away seemingly endless tears, we’re shelving our own personal sadness for just a moment to write this, the most difficult piece imaginable. There’s so much we could say about a woman with such an accepting, open heart and warm embrace for everyone, even those she knew only via social media. “Love and hugs” was the perfect phrase for her to use.

Love and Hugs - Carol Haberle

Extremely popular Tasmanian photographer, Carol Haberle

We’re sure everyone has their own memories of Carol to treasure; this is our own view of Carol as a very special colleague.

Love and Hugs - the Haberle home in Ridgley Tasmania

Home base: Ridgley Tasmania

Not long after we crossed paths, Carol became a fantastic regular contributor at Think Tasmania. She was dedicated, reliable and thoughtful;  unashamedly proud of her heritage. What Carol didn’t know about Tasmanian history, probably wasn’t worth knowing. But she left no stone unturned in her quest for a full, detailed and honest account. She collected history books, devised first-hand, fact-finding assignments and scoured the Internet to expand her knowledge, something she was always willing to share with others.

Love and Hugs - Carol at Mt Paris Dam

Carol: Mt Paris Dam, north east Tasmania

Photography: Fans and Friends

Meeting hosts in person and acting as a representative of Think Tasmania was always a joy for Carol. In partnership with Kev (her right hand man) she made it her mission to share an in-depth experience about each and every place she visited. Without exception, following each visit, she came away from the meeting with new devoted fans of her writing and photography, and in turn personal friends.

Love and Hugs - Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

Tasmania portrayed beautifully by Carol’s photography

To be honest, it was no surprise that her photography had a great following. She had a natural gift for landscapes; an indescribable talent for capturing with her camera the essence of the beautiful scene laid out in front of her. We made a solemn promise to Carol that we’d continue sharing her photography with our readers well into the future. We’re fortunate to have that opportunity to keep her spirit alive.

Love and Hugs - Mount Roland

Mount Roland captured by Carol Haberle

Writer and Photographer Extraordinaire

As a writer, photographer and all-round team player, Carol offered to lend a hand whenever she thought it was needed. She stoically maintained a professional and independent persona throughout her many health challenges. One of Carol’s mottos was “over it and on with it” and as an unashamedly passionate Tasmanian, she would no doubt be willing us to get back to work right now! Each time Think Tasmania publishes a new article, we will remember Carol with the great admiration she deserved.

Love and Hugs - Cradle Mountain

Carol: fond of Tasmania’s diverse landscape

Though there’s much more we could say, we’ll now bid a truly fond farewell to a beautiful soul. To her husband Kevin, daughters Cassie and Angela (and their husbands Adam and Nathan), four beloved granddaughters, mother Erin, extended Haberle and Burr families and legions of friends and fans… we say thank you. Thank you for sharing Carol with us, and allowing us to be part of her exceptional life. We are blessed that she was part of our journey. Goodbye Sweetie… love and hugs from Tania and Gavin.

Love and Hugs - Waratah Waterfall

Waratah waterfall, Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Permanent Tribute to Carol

Carol loved communicating online, and there have been some lovely tributes shared already via Facebook. Everyone is welcome to also submit their personal thoughts here by leaving a comment in the reply section below. This article will remain online indefinitely as a permanent tribute. If you’re discovering these words in the years following their publication, please enjoy Carol’s timeless articles for Think Tasmania. You’ll soon understand why she was so revered.

Love and Hugs - Think Tasmania

Rainbow over Lake Mackintosh: Carol Haberle

Carol always replied individually to comments left on her articles, thanking readers for “stopping by”. She seemed humbled and amazed that people would take time out from their busy schedules to respond to her stories and was always appreciative of the feedback. We too appreciate that feedback, and thank everyone who has contacted us during Carol’s illness and sent their regards over the weekend. She will be greatly missed by everyone.

Love and Hugs - Table Cape Lighthouse and Tulips

Tulips, Table Cape (photo by Carol Haberle)

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