Love in Tasmania is an initiative by Des Brown and Robb Tait.

Love in Tasmania - Kentish Photo

Love in Tasmania (photo supplied)

Love in Tasmania

Des and Robb reckon the Australian island state is the perfect place for a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary. They are very passionate about the idea, and who are we to argue?

The Perspective of Romance

We share the opinion that Tassie has a wealth of rare and beautiful things. Love in Tasmania though, offers a whole new perspective. If that appeals to you, their website might be of benefit to you.

The Vision of Love

Des and Robb have described Love in Tasmania as a project of two country boys to take their passion for Tasmania to the world. I think they might be underselling themselves a little. They may have a country background, but their vision for promotion includes writing and recording a song, running a photography competition and engaging the community, starting with the schoolyard.

Political Embrace

Not only have they launched an ambitious digital marketing campaign, but these two country boys have the endorsement of Tasmanian Government MP Rebecca White, who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business. Obviously she sees some merit in the idea. She opened her adjournment speech in parliament with…

I rise tonight to speak about a tourism campaign that I was fortunate enough to be involved with last week called Love in Tasmania. Des Brown and Robb Tait have developed a campaign to highlight the beauty of Tasmania and promote it as a place to visit, fall in love with our State, as well as rekindling romance.

Song of Love in Tasmania

As declared by Des and Robb (and we totally agree) Tasmania is one of the most picturesque places on earth. Featuring…

  • beautiful rainforests
  • waterfalls
  • gorgeous beaches
  • wonderful unique towns to visit
  • friendly locals to meet

The Love in Tasmania song is a reflection of these local experiences.

Secret Passion for the Australian Island

There are more details about the CD and a photographic competition on their website. The prize for the best photo is a 7 day holiday in the Kentish Municipality.

Liffey Falls - Tasmania

Liffey Falls (photo by Dan Fellow)

Further Reading

See an article published by The Advocate newspaper titled Singing Tasmania’s Praises with picture by Jason Purdie.

Information and photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Des Brown of Eagles Nest Retreat.

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