“I love Penguin. Great little town!” So says Dan Fellow, who accompanied that brief statement with a whole heap of wonderful photos to corroborate his opinion.

Love Penguin - Perry Ling Gardens

Perry-Ling Gardens: Penguin (photo by Dan Fellow)

You’ve Gotta Love Penguin Too?

photos by Dan Fellow

If this collection of photos makes you love Penguin as much as we do, book a room with Claudia at Bed and Breakfast 21. Located at 21 McNaughton Drive in nearby Gawler, the delightful property makes the perfect base for exploring the Cradle Coast region. Speaking of exploring, you should contact Howard from Cradle Coast Tours or Michelle from Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours to show you the highlights.

For such a small town, we’ve published an astonishing large amount of articles about the town of Penguin. Carol Haberle was always happy to share in-depth knowledge of her local region, and guest authors have seemingly been drawn to the area as well. You may find these stories interesting…

Be sure to visit our friends Alan and Marji at Blue Penguin Wines on the outskirts of town too. Their farm has lots to offer visitors, including tours of the winery (by advance appointment). Guests are guided through the winemaking process and invited to sample wines in-barrel.

Love Penguin - Dutch Windmill

Dutch Windmill, Hiscutt Park (photo by Dan Fellow)

Love Penguin - Uniting Church

Uniting Church, Penguin (photo by Dan Fellow)

Love Penguin - Hiscutt Park

Hiscutt Park: Penguin favourite (photo by Dan Fellow)

Love Penguin - Tasmania

Penguin: north west coast Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Love Penguin - Rubbish Bin

Bins decorated with penguins (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmania Photos: Now Australia Wide

Having been a professional tourism photographer here in Tasmania for the last 15 years, it has been Dan’s passion to promote his home state and share its great beauty, wonders, history and many attractions with readers. Now retirement is just around the corner for Dan. Gasp! How will we cope without him? Never fear… Dan will remain based in Tasmania, but plans to expand his photographic collection to include images from wherever his camera takes him.

Join Dan on his journeys as he explores the rest of our great country. He’s launched a new Facebook page called Aussie Wanderer. From now you’ll find images of places Dan has photographed on the mainland as well as any new images of beautiful Tassie!

For more information about photographer Dan Fellow, visit the Tasmania Photos website or call 0417 776 566. You can also still follow Tasmania Photos on Facebook.

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