We’re back! A genuinely lovely time has been had, and now we’re chained to our desks again. For the minute, at least. Gavin has moved to a new work-time location, and I’m soon to commandeer his office-with-a-view before he can change his mind. I might even change the locks!

VIPs Enjoy Lovely Time

Despite the absence of published articles here at Think Tasmania lately, we’ve actually been doing some other good things. We’ve hosted international VIPS, a challenge we take seriously and thoroughly enjoy. Mostly!

The hosting role encourages regular visits to Hobart hot-spots like

We try to share the tourism-love around, but there’s no escaping the crowd favourites. Tourists usually know what they want to see by the time they touch down in Tassie.

Jetstar: Hobart-Adelaide Hipster Route

In-between hosting gigs, we trekked to South Australia for a family celebration (and some work on the side for Gavin). We’re so grateful Jetstar provides direct flights on the “hipster route” between Hobart and Adelaide. It does make our lives so much easier. So for our sake, if you wouldn’t mind… please keep using this service!

Hipster Route - Lovely Time

Lovely time: Adelaide-Hobart “Hipster Route”

We have a few things planned for the final months of 2018. Goodness, I can’t believe I just wrote those words: final months of 2018. How quickly that happened. We “need” to visit more Tasmanian restaurants. You know, we’re so lucky here. You can find good food everywhere in this state.

Seafood Chowder - Ulverstone Tasmania

Seafood Chowder, Beachway Motel Ulverstone

Think Tasmania: All Things Tasmanian

In short, Think Tasmania’s website will be converted. I need a really simple, easy-to-manage version to complement our social media posts allowing more time for actual article writing… here, plus independent contract work.

Of course, in those articles we’ll keep plugging all things Tasmanian. That won’t change. In fact, we’re primed to enjoy a lovely time in Bicheno this month. Could there be a better place to jolt our idling brains back into gear? Don’t think so!

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