I hope Think Tasmania readers enjoy these images of Low Head Lighthouse, at the mouth of the Tamar River. There’s also an image of the Tamar Estuary, looking inland (from the same location).

Low Head Lighthouse - Keepers Cottage

Low Head: Keepers Cottage (photo by David Lamplough)

Photo Collection: Low Head Lighthouse

by David Lamplough

I took the photographs just after I had visited the Bass & Flinders Centre in George Town, before I ventured inland again and back to my base in Zeehan.

Low Head Lighthouse - Tamar Estuary

Low Head Lighthouse: Tamar Estuary (photo by David Lamplough)

Low Head Lighthouse - Tasmania

Low Head Lighthouse: Northern Tasmania (photo by David Lamplough)

Low Head Lighthouse - Panorama

Low Head Lighthouse: Panorama (photo by David Lamplough)

If you like a good lighthouse shot (and we know many people do) you can check out another collection of images we’ve published, showcasing some of the most stunning lighthouses in Tasmania.

Readers interested to learn more about the Tamar Valley region will be happy to know Len Langan plans to write more about George Town in the future. He touched on the subject in a previous article written about a journey to north east Tasmania

George Town introduces you to Tasmania’s second settlement dating back to its foundation in 1804 although technically the town may be said to have been set out in 1815. It is rich in history and worth spending time in knowing that the local people take a great pride in its heritage. The adjoining area known as Low Head is of great interest adding a maritime museum to colour your experience here.

We’ve also added Low Head and George Town to our list of places to return in Tasmania, just to gather more first-hand information. It’s a long list of places… but we’ll get around to everywhere eventually! We have been to the lighthouse before, but not for a very long time. And we don’t have enough vivid memories to share. So rather than rehash something lame, another task shall be added to the must-do basket.

Low Head Lighthouse - George Town

George Town: Tasmania (photo from Think Tasmania archives)

In the meantime, if you’re keen to make your own way to the far-north of the Tamar Valley region, you might light to visit the Low Head Lighthouse and Pilot Station Maritime Museum website for more details including visiting hours and entrance fees.

Low Head Lighthouse - Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum, Low Head (photo by Dan Fellow)

Thanks to David Lamplough for another fabulous contribution, with even more images in hand to publish as soon as humanly possible. We promise. We just need a few more hours in the day people! Check out David’s other feature collections, including…

David Lamplough lives in Adelaide’s northern suburb of Elizabeth. During the 1950s, he spent his early childhood years living on Mount Nelson. At the age of ten, he left Tasmania when his parents went to seek work in South Australia. To request more information about David’s photography or his Tasmanian holiday, please leave a reply below.

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